Tahm Kench

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SirStas (RU) 2598097
2nd The Golden Frod (NA) 2408691
3rd Dark Kench (OCE) 2056559
4th XyzAbc123Etc (NA) 1773072
5th Miss Trupa (BR) 1675686
6th Dalamir (EUW) 1621709
7th the River Demon (NA) 1467307
8th calbearal (NA) 1369605
9th Asimile Kıro (TR) 1344172
10th 탑 참치 (KR) 1327800
11th farzaad70 (EUNE) 1280947
12th 펭귄켄치 (KR) 1229240
13th Suspension (KR) 1205458
14th river king pepe (OCE) 1189128
15th Suga Tahm Tongue (EUW) 1186082
16th zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (BR) 1120070
17th DawBooll (EUNE) 1083876
18th Tahm Κench (EUNE) 1076378
19th ladymilch (NA) 1055873
20th WHTFOZ (NA) 1031700
21st 01027631310 (KR) 1019350
22nd imnotplat5likeu (OCE) 1001625
23rd Saydin (EUW) 970562
24th chambrick (NA) 924917
25th Blind Senpeye (NA) 906909