Tahm Kench

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SirStas (RU) 4351233
2nd DarkBeatRhapsody (NA) 3439530
3rd Dark Kench (OCE) 3267792
4th Fat and Furious (TR) 2609196
5th 빈빵이 (KR) 2519538
6th TKT180 (EUNE) 2442277
7th MïLch (NA) 2270240
8th WHTFOZ (NA) 2239162
9th TheShy in good (EUW) 2178660
10th XyzAbc123Etc (NA) 2135956
11th ASlAF0OD (EUW) 2135589
12th ColoredB (NA) 2072320
13th RaiderofAnuses (NA) 1991490
14th Noturno RS (BR) 1957718
15th 완동이랑놀자 (KR) 1915868
16th Darkest Clone (NA) 1880149
17th Cor de Caxa (BR) 1879347
18th the River Demon (NA) 1864071
19th Dalamir (EUW) 1807519
20th 할짝할짝할짝꿀꺽 (KR) 1784172
21st Só Codigos (BR) 1783900
22nd James Fields (OCE) 1780322
23rd King Kench (OCE) 1702211
24th Miss Trupa (BR) 1675686
25th TUBlNHA (BR) 1644123