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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 갓트린다미어 (KR) 5476300
2nd threatonsu (NA) 4856197
3rd woosan412 (NA) 4573472
4th vagner1000 (BR) 3809161
5th Best Trynd NA (EUW) 3618611
6th theZixx (EUNE) 3612045
7th Cranky Old Man (NA) 3581262
8th Obìn (EUW) 3566690
9th Stieltjes (NA) 3534351
10th Caesar from Rome (EUNE) 3270381
11th 천비화 (KR) 3229189
12th So Fking Skr (NA) 3019745
13th Arm Slicer (EUW) 3011312
14th cnsystem (KR) 2997979
15th Yasukeh (NA) 2984504
16th Tryndemier (LAS) 2959079
17th Azr Bang (NA) 2854169
18th Bobjenson 17 (NA) 2811941
19th Hi lm Paul (OCE) 2608795
20th Greatest Love (NA) 2584096
21st LevierNight x21x (LAN) 2562784
22nd Pentagon Hui (EUW) 2528232
23rd Le méchant juif (NA) 2472228
24th O O O O l O O O (NA) 2409513
25th integralforticad (BR) 2408809