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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 갓트린다미어 (KR) 5604271
2nd threatonsu (NA) 4964916
3rd woosan412 (NA) 4730003
4th vagner1000 (BR) 3963156
5th Stieltjes (NA) 3791210
6th Cluck Cluck (NA) 3773007
7th Obìn (EUW) 3721447
8th theZixx (EUNE) 3623350
9th Best Trynd NA (EUW) 3618611
10th Caesar from Rome (EUNE) 3284808
11th 천비화 (KR) 3229189
12th Arm Slicer (EUW) 3192995
13th garts (KR) 3177195
14th Tryndemier (LAS) 3095489
15th Yasukeh (NA) 3092480
16th So Fking Skr (NA) 3019745
17th cnsystem (KR) 3006191
18th Azr Bang (NA) 2971099
19th Bobjenson 17 (NA) 2814367
20th Greatest Love (NA) 2813209
21st Blood Scarab (OCE) 2754061
22nd Le méchant juif (NA) 2707135
23rd LevierNight x21x (LAN) 2680235
24th Hi lm Paul (OCE) 2616160
25th integralforticad (BR) 2592156