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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 솔킬인정 (KR) 4892640
2nd threatonsu (NA) 4349951
3rd woosan412 (NA) 3969197
4th theZixx (EUNE) 3575976
5th vagner1000 (BR) 3507187
6th xsp1 (EUW) 3391593
7th Cranky Old Man (NA) 3291073
8th ChickenTard (EUW) 2953973
9th 천비화 (KR) 2952257
10th cnsystem (KR) 2923701
11th Stieltjes (NA) 2848174
12th baron is ours (NA) 2844706
13th Caesar from Rome (EUNE) 2772240
14th Bobjenson 17 (NA) 2576974
15th Azruki (NA) 2537762
16th Amil22 (EUW) 2528232
17th Tryndemier (LAS) 2435721
18th Greatest Love (NA) 2398517
19th LevierNight x21x (LAN) 2326037
20th Hi lm Paul (OCE) 2324845
21st dolofongame (EUNE) 2177123
22nd 트린교주 (KR) 2152129
23rd GROSS (JP) 2102240
24th Stoic (BR) 2094654
25th KrugerKar (NA) 2075556