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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Utman (TR) 4373135
2nd 샬라샬라울랄라 (KR) 3366959
3rd Mr Game N Gainz (NA) 2761412
4th Playzon (BR) 2627582
5th Violent Hunter (NA) 2611968
6th Swìft (NA) 2578151
7th Lord Diguans (LAN) 2444206
9th Vasilii (NA) 2264180
10th TRAVIsOverHERE (NA) 2244480
11th Korean AdCarry (EUNE) 2201969
12th VastoLordeB (NA) 2075354
13th Kammitora (EUNE) 2045637
14th John Wise (EUW) 2043148
15th Phallanxes (EUNE) 2038734
16th hardstuck4Eva (EUW) 2002152
17th Sγdios (EUW) 1980399
18th LEGATO1 (LAS) 1867171
19th pacyfka99 (EUNE) 1828107
20th xusico69 (EUW) 1722835
21st THD Commodus (EUW) 1676645
22nd Buñny (NA) 1635842
23rd ez script (BR) 1585504
24th 미 포 (KR) 1576978
25th Lito De Baghdad (NA) 1558955