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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Utman (TR) 3400011
2nd 샬라샬라울랄라 (KR) 3172659
3rd Lord Diguans (LAN) 2444206
4th Mr Game N Gainz (NA) 2200229
5th Vasilii (NA) 2146330
6th Swìft (NA) 2054182
7th Annoyin Artist (NA) 2002108
9th LEGATO1 (LAS) 1867171
10th TRAVIsOverHERE (NA) 1844979
11th Korean AdCarry (EUNE) 1826731
12th hardstuck4Eva (EUW) 1808534
13th pacyfka99 (EUNE) 1758987
14th xusico69 (EUW) 1718539
15th Sum Edgy Foo (EUW) 1661701
16th Kammitora (EUNE) 1598672
17th THD Commodus (EUW) 1517299
18th 0161753928468138 (NA) 1496743
19th Phallanxes (EUNE) 1475015
20th Meyer Everywhere (LAS) 1474597
21st Zeero (BR) 1439806
22nd SOS Darkbraid (EUW) 1414639
23rd SOS Darkbraid (EUNE) 1397380
24th Barbs inkas (EUW) 1356091
25th Boosted bot (NA) 1342921