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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 99Palms (NA) 4567984
2nd 써렌페티쉬 (KR) 3540116
3rd 똥챔 제드 왜함 (KR) 3398196
4th Fanatiq (NA) 2943354
5th umbraˉ (NA) 2805485
6th Zed King (NA) 2630285
7th CaLiiPo (EUW) 2570014
8th Arkirron (EUW) 2526030
9th Apdo Dopa Shadow (EUNE) 2518480
10th Inferno Zed (EUNE) 2470247
11th D4 before 2028 (EUW) 2430636
12th Portgas D Yce (EUW) 2391015
13th Mikerod98 (NA) 2388471
14th SavorWolf (NA) 2363717
15th Kiting Zed (TR) 2342039
16th Razor Zed (NA) 2325874
17th Devil Zed (TR) 2202882
18th One Hit Your Zed (NA) 2188459
19th X Zed X (TR) 2186332
20th HeinusAnus (OCE) 2168680
21st Manipura (EUW) 2162409
22nd Deadly Pain Zed (TR) 2158544
23rd Dakones (NA) 2130622
24th YT Sacramore (NA) 2130364
25th B Yxo c Beptyxu (EUW) 2115052