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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 99Palms (NA) 5176414
2nd 써렌페티쉬 (KR) 4774346
3rd 점수상관없는사람 (KR) 4010556
4th Yče (EUW) 3437135
5th Zed King (NA) 3392670
6th Fanatiq (NA) 3209556
7th 갓 피닉스 (KR) 3139711
8th One Hit Your Zed (NA) 3028529
9th TheS0ulR3aper (NA) 2954909
10th Kiting Zed (TR) 2922785
11th Immortal Zed God (EUNE) 2847729
12th P0LLA SUCIA (EUW) 2834064
13th umbraˉ (NA) 2805485
14th ZeddinoStyle (EUW) 2782810
15th TOUT ETAIT ECRIT (EUW) 2772511
16th Unknown Mîd (TR) 2751426
17th Predawne (NA) 2715341
18th Venomist (EUNE) 2695351
19th Arkirron (EUW) 2693233
20th X Zed X (TR) 2600792
21st Desiderium (NA) 2598547
22nd Zedtime Story (NA) 2541023
23rd SavorWolf (NA) 2539375
24th Razor Zed (NA) 2534202
25th Devil Mark (TR) 2518771