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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 99Palms (NA) 3352716
2nd 어쌔신 제드 (KR) 2279915
3rd Umbrá (NA) 2184327
4th CaLiiPo (EUW) 2166728
5th Fanatiq (NA) 2031226
6th Arkirron (EUW) 2006162
7th Dragon Balls Zed (EUW) 1986437
8th Apdo Dopa Shadow (EUNE) 1919795
9th 율천고 최현우 (KR) 1852634
10th Spectre ZED (TR) 1791056
11th Fallen Shadow (EUNE) 1789726
12th SavorWolf (NA) 1784463
13th LL Stylish (NA) 1737452
14th Razor Zed (NA) 1724156
15th A Badacious OP (NA) 1717624
16th 마산시양덕1동 (KR) 1694524
17th ShädowWithStyle (EUNE) 1687043
18th HighlordDarion (NA) 1652562
19th Sh1tStain (EUW) 1641760
20th Zeds Valor (NA) 1640043
21st Zedtime Story (NA) 1630198
22nd Hairy Zed (EUNE) 1602870
23rd ΖΕD (EUW) 1572010
24th LOBOSTRUCTIOn (EUNE) 1562446
25th Dakotabot3000 (NA) 1558317