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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 99Palms (NA) 4441939
2nd 써렌페티쉬 (KR) 3385768
3rd 똥챔 제드 왜함 (KR) 3331672
4th Umbrá (NA) 2743085
5th Fanatiq (NA) 2733834
6th Zed King (NA) 2554832
7th CaLiiPo (EUW) 2535716
8th Arkirron (EUW) 2526030
9th Apdo Dopa Shadow (EUNE) 2439723
10th D4 before 2028 (EUW) 2423313
11th Inferno Zed (EUNE) 2397073
12th SavorWolf (NA) 2353568
13th Razor Zed (NA) 2312529
14th Alain Søral (EUW) 2270523
15th Kiting Zed (TR) 2236870
16th Deadly Pain Zed (TR) 2149131
17th TR Özel Harekat (TR) 2113904
18th X Zed X (TR) 2106860
19th Manipura (EUW) 2093110
20th TwTv Sacramore (NA) 2092504
21st RussianLegend (EUW) 2083446
22nd HeinusAnus (OCE) 2067986
23rd Zedtime Story (NA) 2052538
24th Dakones (NA) 2031712
25th LL Stylish (NA) 1982205