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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 김눌엉 (KR) 5375699
2nd Dark Dragonss (BR) 4232316
3rd jacks7 (KR) 4038603
4th lm on a diet (KR) 3377493
5th Lion Larback (BR) 3338203
6th Dhirn (EUW) 2760544
7th Edw17 (EUNE) 2744529
8th fbiBr (BR) 2686067
9th Ikzencriel (NA) 2670380
10th Narcisse Noir (EUNE) 2618282
11th 잭시무스님 (KR) 2588670
12th RainCX (NA) 2530012
13th Ultramarine225 (NA) 2518244
14th NelsonPQ (EUW) 2517279
15th Barcelo13 (BR) 2482677
16th 순순히정글주시죠 (KR) 2463052
17th hashinshin (NA) 2458512
18th Baron Steals (EUNE) 2445696
19th NoGfAllowNoGame (EUNE) 2407428
20th cubittus (EUW) 2396081
21st PICCHU LAZZOTTE (LAS) 2393484
22nd Bandidos (NA) 2342004
23rd IINSIDE (EUNE) 2320611
24th dieKatze6666 (EUW) 2304731
25th BlueDevilsHL (NA) 2296995