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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kled Theory (EUW) 5984433
2nd 04111998 (EUW) 3353590
3rd все как у людей (RU) 2886373
4th Soulmario (NA) 2717760
5th 클레드입니다 (KR) 2679909
6th Mister Kled (BR) 2651676
7th LSM No77 (KR) 2614137
8th Peshala (NA) 2567115
9th Cylle SSW (EUW) 2487193
10th Hamuza (NA) 2482257
11th Squanch in Bush (EUW) 2426964
12th Ercan Abi (TR) 2417434
13th Kled God (NA) 2173303
14th Foobhi (EUW) 2151384
15th xXVagabondXx (LAN) 2131639
16th SkarI (NA) 2123243
17th I KLED (EUW) 2100330
18th TwTv LolSkaarl (NA) 1984804
19th 2happy4u (EUNE) 1973449
20th 좀비 클레드 (KR) 1972005
21st Pulkzerstorer (BR) 1969267
22nd K L Ε D (EUW) 1958158
23rd ƒabulous (EUW) 1951027
24th Run From Skaarll (NA) 1919443
25th Shugii (NA) 1913349