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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GM DragonXStorm (EUW) 5173000
2nd ZONGO LE DOZ0 (EUW) 2688647
3rd Peshala (NA) 2567115
4th Soulmario (NA) 2513621
5th mtL Hayalet (TR) 2061981
6th Hi im Lazaro (EUW) 2025405
7th Hamuza (NA) 1974678
8th SkarI (NA) 1822906
9th BSBELINGER (BR) 1817704
10th I KLED (EUW) 1789888
11th ночной грузчик (RU) 1704368
12th Run From Skaarll (NA) 1697163
13th 2happy4u (EUNE) 1692706
14th xXVagabondXx (LAN) 1667265
15th captbearr (NA) 1648048
16th ƒabulous (EUW) 1640229
17th Foobhi (EUW) 1630001
18th 0 sanity (EUW) 1615410
19th TwTv LoLSkaarl (NA) 1606921
20th Multiyo (EUNE) 1566559
21st Tito Cylle (EUW) 1555654
22nd Calvin Kled (LAN) 1527990
23rd Shugii (NA) 1526873
24th AllAtomsk (NA) 1492970
25th El Tio Kled (LAS) 1465640