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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GM DragonXStorm (EUW) 5700043
2nd Z0NGO LE DOZO (EUW) 2976823
3rd Soulmario (NA) 2621055
4th Peshala (NA) 2567115
5th LSM No77 (KR) 2412575
6th Hamuza (NA) 2405711
7th Brest Belarus (RU) 2338814
8th mtL Hayalet (TR) 2315583
9th Kled RJ (BR) 2310239
10th 클레드입니다 (KR) 2221457
11th Squanch in Bush (EUW) 2199612
12th Cylle SSW (EUW) 2133091
13th xXVagabondXx (LAN) 1983971
14th Foobhi (EUW) 1977564
15th SkarI (NA) 1943318
16th I KLED (EUW) 1882257
17th Run From Skaarll (NA) 1828492
18th captbearr (NA) 1828324
19th ƒabulous (EUW) 1821514
20th 2happy4u (EUNE) 1778324
21st Kled God (NA) 1753790
22nd Shugii (NA) 1730040
23rd romanticize (EUW) 1714990
24th Boolee (NA) 1699130
25th Calvin Kled (LAN) 1640546