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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st superryan18 (EUW) 2193211
2nd Peshala (NA) 1509467
3rd I KLED (EUW) 1182451
4th XDonTacos (LAN) 1143290
5th Z0NG0 LE D0Z0 (EUW) 1047362
6th robame (LAN) 989990
7th UAreOnMyProperty (EUNE) 984229
8th Hide on skaarl 2 (NA) 948724
9th A Cuddly Bunny (EUW) 935971
10th SolStar (EUW) 898553
11th Skaarlet Kledder (NA) 890922
12th 2happy4u (EUNE) 869893
13th NapoleonBonaKLED (LAS) 856060
14th q1ffaay (EUW) 837572
15th The Kledgend 27 (NA) 810762
16th JellyCub (OCE) 773123
17th xX Kled Xx (OCE) 770379
18th Michael The Holy (NA) 765054
19th Thor639 (EUNE) 760427
20th Algol Deorum (EUW) 748934
21st JOOONES (NA) 710411
22nd Supa187 (NA) 688490
23rd HL1118 (EUNE) 683313
24th Kemseptyni (EUW) 642421
25th WarlockShepard (NA) 635832