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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GM DragonXStorm (EUW) 5343184
2nd 19980411 (EUW) 2808315
3rd Soulmario (NA) 2579453
4th Peshala (NA) 2567115
5th Hamuza (NA) 2170101
6th mtL Hayalet (TR) 2136420
7th Squanch in Bush (EUW) 2049746
8th Kled RJ (BR) 1998058
9th вылижи мне душу (RU) 1927248
10th SkarI (NA) 1849441
11th 클레드입니다 (KR) 1824572
12th I KLED (EUW) 1809174
13th Run From Skaarll (NA) 1790778
14th 2happy4u (EUNE) 1768793
15th captbearr (NA) 1730040
16th Foobhi (EUW) 1717417
17th Tito Cylle (EUW) 1714421
18th ƒabulous (EUW) 1698036
19th xXVagabondXx (LAN) 1673058
20th MANILA GREY (EUW) 1652929
21st TwTv LoLSkaarl (NA) 1606921
22nd Kled God (NA) 1587634
23rd Calvin Kled (LAN) 1575868
24th Shugii (NA) 1571562
25th Multiyo (EUNE) 1568081