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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st WHM KledXFinity (EUW) 3868490
2nd Peshala (NA) 2567115
3rd ZONGO LE DOZ0 (EUW) 2082490
4th I KLED (EUW) 1646234
5th Soulmario (NA) 1597695
6th mtL Hayalet (TR) 1511508
7th DiosMaxus (LAN) 1412937
8th 2happy4u (EUNE) 1409637
9th V5 Fozzy (EUW) 1403580
10th Run From Skaarll (NA) 1247587
11th BarbaKahnn (LAS) 1245951
12th Hi im Lazaro (EUW) 1240723
13th AsapGenraw (NA) 1227002
14th Calvin Kled (LAN) 1223607
15th JellyCub (OCE) 1223063
16th TwTv LoLSkaarl (NA) 1219055
17th XDonTacos (LAN) 1185188
18th Ć’abulous (EUW) 1183306
19th DeemonLawd (NA) 1166233
20th RaiCiC (EUNE) 1146822
21st UAreOnMyProperty (EUNE) 1144239
22nd Elmas2 (TR) 1109415
23rd Punani Pie (NA) 1108644
24th Kemseptyni (EUW) 1093879
25th The Kledgend 27 (NA) 1092019