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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st toughguy72 (EUNE) 5408661
2nd I am Vi (BR) 3970459
3rd 입털면지는겨 (KR) 3395530
4th Kisuke4242 (EUW) 3393324
5th Bulutsuzluk (TR) 3227761
6th anding (EUW) 3177924
7th Lee1881 (NA) 3115008
8th cacarulo (LAS) 3072878
9th dumpa (NA) 2975646
10th CERTIAN DEATH (BR) 2899649
11th 자메이카흑인 (KR) 2784458
12th Elounie (EUW) 2781238
13th FireFly75 (NA) 2738903
14th 귀살대 이민규 (KR) 2686302
15th ProBusRider (KR) 2626054
16th køvü (NA) 2590753
17th WingLeeWonton (NA) 2445469
18th vicp9 (OCE) 2434799
19th Callikko (NA) 2413274
20th jeffnutz (NA) 2378622
21st Orjan from SIKO (EUW) 2347206
22nd DiGo LoNe WoLf (NA) 2284161
23rd YariKim (NA) 2262064
24th Lightzer (LAS) 2243806
25th OPHeimer (NA) 2218877