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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st toughguy72 (EUNE) 5141230
2nd I am Vi (BR) 3163618
3rd cacarulo (LAS) 3051409
4th Kisuke4242 (EUW) 2971030
5th CERTIAN DEATH (BR) 2899474
6th anding (EUW) 2599557
7th dumpa (NA) 2459158
8th Lee1881 (NA) 2364411
9th vicp9 (OCE) 2340382
10th Elounie (EUW) 2266541
11th YariKim (NA) 2209048
12th Little Mouse SBT (BR) 2148825
13th Callikko (NA) 2147287
14th WingLeeWonton (NA) 2139039
15th Person1 (NA) 2096946
16th Orjan from SIKO (EUW) 2083994
17th køvü (NA) 2055958
18th FireFly75 (NA) 1962912
19th Monkey D Vii (NA) 1939147
20th Adryku89 (EUW) 1933637
21st jeffnutz (NA) 1927549
22nd stabnexus (EUW) 1884460
23rd Lightzer (LAS) 1845675
24th OPHeimer (NA) 1816821
25th Vi KINGG (EUNE) 1805537