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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st toughguy72 (EUNE) 3964611
2nd CERTIAN DEATH (BR) 2890021
3rd Kisuke4242 (EUW) 2635502
4th final007 (BR) 2223869
5th Person1 (NA) 2096946
6th dumpa (NA) 2085596
7th vicp9 (OCE) 2016062
8th Ellisx (NA) 2009606
9th YariKim (NA) 1970529
10th SHOW DE EMOÇÂO (BR) 1954859
11th Elounie (EUW) 1927538
12th Lee1881 (NA) 1722370
13th jeffnutz (NA) 1672910
14th Orjan from SIKO (EUW) 1666897
15th Vi KINGG (EUNE) 1622565
16th Mocking Dark (LAS) 1594113
17th Vi Sexual (LAS) 1556114
18th Marcel de Libra (BR) 1554334
19th Lightzer (LAS) 1514608
20th Sterection (NA) 1503632
21st OPHeimer (NA) 1478259
22nd Darashia (EUW) 1419815
23rd Sodachi Riddle (NA) 1409897
24th stabnexus (EUW) 1404220
25th polasore (NA) 1399362