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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st toughguy72 (EUNE) 3305002
2nd CERTIAN DEATH (BR) 2416256
3rd Kisuke4242 (EUW) 2290843
4th Person1 (NA) 1957136
5th vicp9 (OCE) 1744900
6th ThefckendY007 (BR) 1688870
7th Ellisx (NA) 1666090
8th dumpa (NA) 1559880
9th Vi KINGG (EUNE) 1356951
10th Mocking Dark (LAS) 1320540
11th ViStands4Vicious (LAS) 1300946
12th Orjan from SIKO (EUW) 1290378
13th Elounie (EUW) 1272917
14th Vi Sexual (LAS) 1265857
15th ChineseBadChild (KR) 1232447
16th Marcel de Libra (BR) 1219816
17th PzYkO (EUW) 1207419
18th Lee1881 (NA) 1185245
19th Vi King v1 (EUW) 1181774
20th Darksword255 (NA) 1173751
21st Sterection (NA) 1153276
22nd Pedigree Champ (OCE) 1149173
23rd Nooseknitter (NA) 1147591
24th polasore (NA) 1089566
25th Ghety (EUW) 1083190