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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st toughguy72 (EUNE) 4898876
2nd Kisuke4242 (EUW) 2939271
3rd I am Vi (BR) 2911761
4th CERTIAN DEATH (BR) 2895966
5th anding (EUW) 2431228
6th dumpa (NA) 2427412
7th Lee1881 (NA) 2229237
8th vicp9 (OCE) 2218149
9th Callikko (NA) 2144128
10th Elounie (EUW) 2142470
11th YariKim (NA) 2141839
12th Ricardo Manjubas (BR) 2119892
13th Person1 (NA) 2096946
14th Orjan from SIKO (EUW) 2003352
15th FireFly75 (NA) 1931134
16th jeffnutz (NA) 1919823
17th brightyshoes (NA) 1908490
18th køvü (NA) 1872679
19th Monkey D Vii (NA) 1847613
20th stabnexus (EUW) 1803946
21st Vi Sexual (LAS) 1787049
22nd Lightzer (LAS) 1777827
23rd Vi KINGG (EUNE) 1774485
24th Adryku89 (EUW) 1763655
25th Mocking Dark (LAS) 1731134