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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kilrax (OCE) 6371375
2nd McNamara (EUW) 4590556
3rd 질리언 산타 (KR) 4130420
4th GrandomG (EUW) 3859638
5th Tempos (NA) 3734652
6th Kagaro (EUW) 3716220
7th Abrakadabrolico (BR) 3638774
8th Vitin6 (BR) 3596011
9th Tick Tick Boom (NA) 3247159
10th bigmontings (NA) 2962497
11th nicejin (OCE) 2939390
12th Daryl971 (NA) 2936314
13th O Zilean Nuclear (BR) 2908947
14th Lord Zilean (NA) 2886435
15th Oumar (TR) 2800401
16th GDT Master (LAN) 2796566
17th RikuBG (EUW) 2768236
18th kpapallevo (EUW) 2736022
19th thewhiter4bbit (EUW) 2625276
20th Nivriti (EUW) 2619303
21st Gan the RageMage (NA) 2587444
22nd ElBoosto (NA) 2476721
23rd Monsenhor (BR) 2450459
24th Tadayasu (BR) 2448920
25th nezt (EUNE) 2441519