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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kilrax (OCE) 5163501
2nd McNamara (EUW) 4032373
3rd GrandomG (EUW) 3859638
4th 이동속도 버프 (KR) 3485211
5th Abrakadabrolico (BR) 3253557
6th Vitin6 (BR) 3077423
7th Kagaro (EUW) 3043056
8th Hold this bomb (NA) 2906393
9th Daryl971 (NA) 2797620
10th Tick Tick Boom (NA) 2748338
11th bigmontings (NA) 2688312
12th 태웅셔틀 4호 (KR) 2598807
13th Lord Zilean (NA) 2566892
14th DroginOpZilean (EUW) 2509104
15th ElBoosto (NA) 2473701
16th Monsenhor (BR) 2375854
17th nicejin (OCE) 2373058
18th thewhiter4bbit (EUW) 2366588
19th GDT Master (LAN) 2351684
20th nezt (EUNE) 2255749
21st Oumar (TR) 2246033
22nd RikuBG (EUW) 2218862
23rd PlanteNeyde (BR) 2214900
24th ZileanHasMejais (NA) 2046794
25th Reformed Angor (NA) 2005465