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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kilrax (OCE) 6078669
2nd McNamara (EUW) 4546401
3rd GrandomG (EUW) 3859638
4th 질리언 산타 (KR) 3815301
5th Filoplume (NA) 3430341
6th Vitin6 (BR) 3352105
7th Abrakadabrolico (BR) 3300498
8th Kagaro (EUW) 3220321
9th 시계왕1 (KR) 3088321
10th Tick Tick Boom (NA) 3041182
11th Daryl971 (NA) 2868937
12th bigmontings (NA) 2862116
13th Lord Zilean (NA) 2789578
14th O Zilean Nuclear (BR) 2778095
15th JamOnYorick (EUW) 2650419
16th nicejin (OCE) 2603029
17th thewhiter4bbit (EUW) 2560638
18th GDT Master (LAN) 2515550
19th Oumar (TR) 2498806
20th ElBoosto (NA) 2475030
21st Monsenhor (BR) 2425009
22nd nezt (EUNE) 2412834
23rd RikuBG (EUW) 2392099
24th Tadayasu (BR) 2277338
25th agoatboy (NA) 2244828