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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Kilrax (OCE) 6798639
2nd McNamara (EUW) 4745656
3rd 질리언 산타 (KR) 4553982
4th Kagaro (EUW) 4037109
5th Abrakadabrolico (BR) 4034393
6th Tempos (NA) 3933211
7th Vitin6 (BR) 3861916
8th GrandomG (EUW) 3859638
9th Sup Sofrido (BR) 3461084
10th Tick Tick Boom (NA) 3438258
11th iapp (KR) 3227001
12th bigmontings (NA) 3116697
13th Oumar (TR) 3104717
14th EH24 El Joven (LAN) 3098362
15th 추억 속 어딘가 (KR) 3095420
16th Nivriti (EUW) 3070160
17th Gan the RageMage (NA) 2950654
18th nicejin (OCE) 2940153
19th Daryl971 (NA) 2936314
20th Lord Zilean (NA) 2932357
21st RikuBG (EUW) 2929811
22nd 불신지옥 질리언 (KR) 2880929
23rd ZileanHasMejais (NA) 2853530
24th ZileanArtSpain (EUW) 2795260
25th thewhiter4bbit (EUW) 2777791