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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st miltonshio (LAN) 2867449
2nd OnE TwO (LAS) 2600539
3rd Nyon Dark (BR) 2454769
4th wilson lol ks (LAN) 2426124
5th AB Rocks (NA) 2412892
6th YoTCuz23 (NA) 2195215
7th The Fantazy (EUNE) 2194034
8th Art Virtuoso (KR) 2064663
9th TheUnknownPollo (NA) 2057391
10th xandao2016 (BR) 2012156
11th Beyonder Aatrox (NA) 2000623
12th Z1k4Boy (BR) 1967327
13th Psychotic Aussie (OCE) 1956122
14th Dat Boi JoJo (NA) 1922394
15th Solarus17 (NA) 1915901
16th Ufuk777 (EUW) 1903815
17th skylorddeath1 (NA) 1898891
18th luis1234321 (LAN) 1897338
19th Evil Rabbit 2000 (EUW) 1889774
20th Aratron (LAS) 1834687
21st Stardust Bunny (NA) 1830106
22nd Christini (EUW) 1824352
23rd AwP BlooD (LAS) 1819253
24th Black Archdemons (EUW) 1793750
25th spidermorx (EUNE) 1777508