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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st miltonshio (LAN) 3923556
2nd granna tenshura (EUW) 3196756
3rd OnE TwO (LAS) 3082708
4th Dat Boi JoJo (NA) 3020590
5th God King Aatrox (NA) 2950249
6th AB Rocks (NA) 2935700
7th Nyon Dark (BR) 2926187
8th Glacius ZACombo (NA) 2808583
9th WorldEnderAatrox (JP) 2712263
10th Black Archdemons (EUW) 2692436
11th wilson lol ks (LAN) 2507745
12th 17 997590126 (BR) 2430690
13th AA KaRaCa (TR) 2379288
14th TheUnknownPollo (NA) 2323587
15th blackreap3r (NA) 2293893
16th Demonio Darkin (BR) 2276361
17th The Fantazy (EUNE) 2272229
18th Arsalximar (EUNE) 2265989
19th Beyonder Aatrox (NA) 2263084
20th Pohsyden (NA) 2220822
21st 다르킨의그엄 (KR) 2208698
22nd sorgua00 (OCE) 2125288
23rd Art Virtuoso (KR) 2105000
24th AwP BlooD (LAS) 2080941
25th vthief (NA) 2048836