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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ananinami (EUW) 4511767
2nd 사랑함 (KR) 3814741
3rd ertaille2 (EUW) 3474765
4th FirstTimeNami (EUW) 3346677
5th Bíttersweet (BR) 3306557
6th llFICHAll (NA) 3161591
7th T1de (EUW) 3124446
8th Toytown (EUW) 3108116
9th Lewd Nami (NA) 3092323
10th Cupcake2Go (EUW) 3078735
11th paweuek (EUNE) 3009912
12th School Of Nami (NA) 3001548
13th n13tzsch3 (EUW) 2993038
14th 21726500DEL1 (EUNE) 2911940
15th Mugiwara Nami (EUW) 2871994
16th Paperfish (BR) 2834192
17th CoCoflox (EUW) 2830682
18th 이빨털면안함 (KR) 2777793
19th Noob the Namitee (NA) 2777354
20th TheWonderWhale (NA) 2716225
21st madamefirefly (EUNE) 2673862
22nd HiddenSnake (EUW) 2646156
23rd gigisLV (EUW) 2642327
24th Sephyroth (EUW) 2569393
25th Vin Mistborn (EUNE) 2569233