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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ananinami (EUW) 4077359
2nd 사랑함 (KR) 3543265
3rd FirstTimeNami (EUW) 3175609
4th Toytown (EUW) 3108116
5th Bíttersweet (BR) 3098798
6th 21726500DEL1 (EUNE) 2911940
7th ertaille2 (EUW) 2809944
8th llFICHAll (NA) 2742122
9th T1de (EUW) 2735604
10th Cupcake2Go (EUW) 2672761
11th gigisLV (EUW) 2642226
12th NamiAndTentacles (NA) 2620986
13th n13tzsch3 (EUW) 2610377
14th Mugiwara Nami (EUW) 2591269
15th Paperfish (BR) 2586580
16th Sephyroth (EUW) 2569393
17th 이빨털면안함 (KR) 2551056
18th Deep Sea (EUNE) 2516363
19th madamefirefly (EUNE) 2444584
20th lactosefree1 (NA) 2432877
21st CoCoflox (EUW) 2425417
22nd LA Confidential (NA) 2352813
23rd Namirah (LAS) 2308081
24th I InstaLock Nami (NA) 2304957
25th Vin Mistborn (EUNE) 2301499