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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st ananinami (EUW) 4952400
2nd 맹민재1 (KR) 4535358
3rd 사랑함 (KR) 4092822
4th ertaille2 (EUW) 3817595
5th Bíttersweet (BR) 3468018
6th T1de (EUW) 3464340
7th FirstTimeNami (EUW) 3349279
8th paweuek (EUNE) 3300942
9th School Of Nami (NA) 3296920
10th Sexy Fish Nami (NA) 3279971
11th llFICHAll (NA) 3257353
12th Paperfish (BR) 3215718
13th CoCoflox (EUW) 3201754
14th Cupcake2Go (EUW) 3180183
15th Toytown (EUW) 3115380
16th Gitaru Man (NA) 3076012
17th skorpionblak (LAS) 3045836
18th HiddenSnake (EUW) 3035477
19th n13tzsch3 (EUW) 3034439
20th 이빨털면안함 (KR) 3013486
21st Mugiwara Nami (EUW) 3011320
22nd Aika kira (EUW) 3004965
23rd Samí (EUW) 2979015
24th 21726500DEL1 (EUNE) 2911940
25th TheWonderWhale (NA) 2890258