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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 1 800 MID LANE (NA) 4363058
2nd TheSeventhWall (EUW) 3121070
3rd Azir Kami (NA) 2823493
4th OG Wan Kenobi (EUW) 2735290
5th Pru Pruuu PRUUUU (BR) 2593043
6th ZkorpionXxx (LAN) 2517506
7th xTrafalgarLawW (EUW) 2501106
8th Cinnabell (NA) 2342501
9th stasello777 (RU) 2287730
10th KFC Azir (LAN) 2221807
11th Viva Azir (TR) 2169803
12th 시간의마술사 (KR) 2166185
13th Apathylex (EUW) 2165401
14th Finesse Greg (NA) 2075197
15th Scorpio2 (EUW) 2025162
16th ayjerton (EUW) 2009611
17th TwTV Full Sand (NA) 2000254
18th Eleyte (EUNE) 1925466
19th New World Ornner (EUW) 1924565
20th DistorteD Shadow (EUW) 1853455
21st Agent Chucky (EUNE) 1849797
22nd Eifhen (LAN) 1841672
23rd Sand Mage (EUNE) 1834931
24th Omah Azír (EUNE) 1819174
25th asdffghhjj (NA) 1805790