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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 1 800 MID LANE (NA) 4084983
2nd TheSeventhWall (EUW) 2796681
3rd Azir Kami (NA) 2688552
4th OG Wan Kenobi (EUW) 2548157
5th ZkorpionXxx (LAN) 2464987
6th xTrafalgarLawW (EUW) 2459269
7th Pru Pruuu PRUUUU (BR) 2328840
8th stasello777 (RU) 2287730
9th Lemonpºp (NA) 2221536
10th 시간의마술사 (KR) 2166185
11th Apathylex (EUW) 2141065
12th KFC Azir (LAN) 1976072
13th Scorpio2 (EUW) 1863817
14th Eleyte (EUNE) 1841035
15th Agent Chucky (EUNE) 1832985
16th azir xd (EUW) 1828331
17th ayjerton (EUW) 1826709
18th Finesse Greg (NA) 1796513
19th asdffghhjj (NA) 1791899
20th Eifhen (LAN) 1770350
21st BESTEST YASUO XD (EUW) 1751368
22nd Mr Oafa (OCE) 1746393
23rd Only Azir (EUNE) 1726152
24th chicken emperor (NA) 1683542
25th TwTv Full Sand (NA) 1657328