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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 7100867
3rd RedTwizz (NA) 4118336
4th Its just an eye (EUW) 3553460
5th inis (LAN) 3371533
6th ryona (NA) 3338333
7th Count Ranor (EUW) 3246638
8th SKlNHEAD (NA) 2947753
9th 곧휴가철 (KR) 2869607
10th sistemaletal (BR) 2684537
11th Carrykiller (EUW) 2626542
12th jnglˆdiffΞrnc (EUNE) 2550968
13th deathplayer26 (NA) 2529125
14th Dragão de Komodo (BR) 2521858
15th Yubitsume (EUW) 2425850
16th beba suco (BR) 2377610
17th Daviid Pujadas (EUW) 2353801
18th plala (KR) 2316130
19th Toxic As Fukk (NA) 2214554
20th ƒling (NA) 2214341
21st mikastorm (EUNE) 2185905
22nd どけすべふなたり (JP) 2137778
23rd hurloom (EUW) 2125505
24th Crylar (EUNE) 2013639
25th Leo Chem degniS (BR) 1991867