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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 9152685
2nd RedTwizz (NA) 5754056
4th D4M2X0 (EUW) 4608707
5th Count Ranor (EUW) 3953966
6th Carrykiller (EUW) 3554202
7th inis (LAN) 3533942
8th mikastorm (EUNE) 3520426
9th Phrxshn (NA) 3425070
10th ryona (NA) 3338333
11th ProxyGinger (EUW) 3336780
12th 정신병자AAA (KR) 3313261
13th do u even u (EUNE) 3276130
14th TioTodynhoCraft9 (BR) 3196848
15th 곧휴가철 (KR) 3074417
16th Chase4FreeWiFi (EUW) 3011143
17th SKlNHEAD (NA) 2947753
18th bischof11 (EUW) 2875319
19th Its inting time (NA) 2816280
20th sistemaletal (BR) 2809263
21st Tommy309 (NA) 2806865
22nd MG ScareCrow (KR) 2726555
23rd TwTv Leo Chem (BR) 2705278
24th singed420 (NA) 2682426
25th Lord Soul (TR) 2675087