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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AdellaideSkyhart (NA) 8703402
3rd RedTwizz (NA) 5396652
4th D4M2X0 (EUW) 4427197
5th Count Ranor (EUW) 3714759
6th inis (LAN) 3522617
7th ryona (NA) 3338333
8th Carrykiller (EUW) 3307795
9th OGlllllllSinged (EUNE) 3105016
10th 곧휴가철 (KR) 3074417
11th mikastorm (EUNE) 3065554
12th Phrxshn (NA) 3050213
13th SKlNHEAD (NA) 2947753
14th Dragão de Komodo (BR) 2936510
15th ProxyGinger (EUW) 2749259
16th sistemaletal (BR) 2743842
17th I líke Sínged (NA) 2662576
18th god king Death (NA) 2637993
19th plala (KR) 2587537
20th bischof11 (EUW) 2581988
21st ASS GAS (EUW) 2530830
22nd Lord Soul (TR) 2527183
23rd Gas Gas Gas (EUW) 2509335
24th HoudiniGG (NA) 2481232
25th Yubitsume (EUW) 2458543