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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MR 1DASKALOS (EUNE) 8311446
2nd Bestialking (EUW) 5037033
3rd SnEakySneakY31 (NA) 3778975
4th 25CM Big Banana (OCE) 3593006
5th SoNiKoRz (EUW) 3582849
6th IG JackeyLovee (EUW) 3467012
7th SoulS (KR) 3334357
8th The Great Shahin (EUW) 3222198
9th kralpatron76 (TR) 3182558
10th Xixisrich (NA) 2933172
11th Mâd Rât (EUNE) 2627514
12th lIlllIIllIlllIIl (KR) 2598395
13th Another Sensei (NA) 2585444
14th dirtyrattwitch (NA) 2443244
15th Алена Водонаева (RU) 2370603
16th Łord Grim (TR) 2365240
17th Pop000100 (NA) 2352814
18th Fat Scat Rat (NA) 2346548
19th sleehn (KR) 2296874
20th Bleblacz1 (EUNE) 2279024
21st 아무나준다 (KR) 2246809
22nd corabsnicop (EUW) 2235111
23rd Hensh (BR) 2234899
24th Sırádán 1i (TR) 2152265
25th zhortyyyyyyy (EUW) 2112915