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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DASKALOS 69 (EUNE) 8182632
2nd Bestialking (EUW) 4950789
3rd SnEakySneakY31 (NA) 3661471
4th 25CM Big Banana (OCE) 3547336
5th SoNiKoRz (EUW) 3439335
6th IG JackeyLovee (EUW) 3387837
7th SoulS (KR) 3334357
8th The Great Shahin (EUW) 3138295
9th kralpatron76 (TR) 2958180
10th Xixisrich (NA) 2740770
11th Mâd Rât (EUNE) 2624543
12th Another Sensei (NA) 2585444
13th lIlllIIllIlllIIl (KR) 2409950
14th Алена Водонаева (RU) 2370603
15th After (TR) 2362482
16th Pop000100 (NA) 2319523
17th dirtyrattwitch (NA) 2299385
18th Fat Scat Rat (NA) 2284188
19th Bleblacz1 (EUNE) 2254187
20th 아무나준다 (KR) 2239345
21st corabsnicop (EUW) 2210934
22nd sleehn (KR) 2204614
23rd Nerf Twitch (BR) 2099076
24th God Oƒ Twitch (TR) 2066782
25th zhortyyyyyyy (EUW) 2062942