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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st DaskalosEllinRat (EUNE) 6676565
2nd Bestialking (EUW) 4168162
3rd SoulS (KR) 3334012
4th SnEakySneakY31 (NA) 2948239
5th Chason (EUW) 2709799
6th kralpatron76 (TR) 2708029
7th Flying D Cup (OCE) 2638732
8th Another Sensei (NA) 2569161
9th The Great Shahin (EUW) 2293385
10th SoNiKoRz (EUW) 2208710
11th sleehn (KR) 2085258
12th Şeytan Twitch (TR) 2048742
13th Алена Водонаева (RU) 2040267
14th Pop000100 (NA) 2034969
15th Hide in Trash (EUNE) 2021008
16th ATSailor (EUNE) 1948169
17th 단지우유중독자 (KR) 1910049
18th hctiwT freN (BR) 1902214
19th ПТНпидаr (RU) 1897363
20th EndOfSeasonPush (EUW) 1879100
21st Bleblacz1 (EUNE) 1826905
22nd TonMaisteR (TR) 1812452
23rd Transcender (OCE) 1754965
24th Däîncögnïtô (EUNE) 1741524
25th Mighty Rąt (EUW) 1740201