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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st drinameka (EUW) 4014398
2nd drinameka (TR) 3454858
3rd WaitingforGodo (NA) 2945298
4th SquirrelHaze (TR) 2917497
5th Briibri (EUW) 2847559
6th Luna April (KR) 2819553
7th 0TPG0DG4TH (EUNE) 2585429
8th Brazers Manager (EUW) 2464796
9th Washed Up Cho (EUW) 2326977
10th PredatorRidley (NA) 2317081
11th ColdNTheShower (NA) 2284014
12th lonewolf and cub (EUW) 2246653
13th Eluno (LAS) 2116355
14th 143THOR143 (EUNE) 2112417
15th DawnAtTheDeuce (NA) 2101008
16th BrunoKastnerXD (EUNE) 2086459
17th Checco Schifido (EUW) 2070888
18th Bah c bien (EUW) 1930113
19th ExoticPsyCHOtic (NA) 1910159
20th CaEl Cebolinha (BR) 1893819
21st ChoWhyIgnite (EUW) 1878500
22nd ChoGath Bot (NA) 1869774
23rd DrThugnasty (NA) 1868178
24th Alone InThe Dark (EUW) 1866578
25th xenoms (NA) 1779272