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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st drinameka (EUW) 4348497
2nd SquirrelHaze (TR) 3663761
3rd drinameka (TR) 3454858
4th Briibri (EUW) 3194828
5th WaitingforGodo (NA) 3168440
6th SupergalaxyC5 (NA) 3157973
7th Luna April (KR) 2958148
8th RD WomboBear (EUNE) 2891553
9th 0TPG0DG4TH (EUNE) 2847375
10th Washed Up Cho (EUW) 2761936
11th lonewolf and cub (EUW) 2685382
12th Brazers Manager (EUW) 2678799
13th PredatorRidley (NA) 2657533
14th Cho KingSlow (NA) 2591859
15th Dr RACC00N (NA) 2551225
16th 봄 닭 (KR) 2511478
17th BrunoKastnerXD (EUNE) 2500596
18th Checco Schifido (EUW) 2477866
19th DawnAtTheDeuce (NA) 2465054
20th 143THOR143 (EUNE) 2433732
21st Toscolino (BR) 2417820
22nd ExoticPsyCHOtic (NA) 2143095
23rd Eluno (LAS) 2118736
24th FurryLazer (NA) 2093667
25th DrThugnasty (NA) 2059133