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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st drinameka (EUW) 4260765
2nd drinameka (TR) 3454858
3rd SquirrelHaze (TR) 3137282
4th WaitingforGodo (NA) 3012779
5th Briibri (EUW) 2994103
6th Luna April (KR) 2857663
7th 0TPG0DG4TH (EUNE) 2790735
8th SupergalaxyC5 (NA) 2783514
9th Brazers Manager (EUW) 2560036
10th Washed Up Cho (EUW) 2504308
11th lonewolf and cub (EUW) 2333349
12th PredatorRidley (NA) 2322022
13th ColdNTheShower (NA) 2286171
14th BrunoKastnerXD (EUNE) 2217688
15th Checco Schifido (EUW) 2196966
16th 143THOR143 (EUNE) 2190784
17th DawnAtTheDeuce (NA) 2159823
18th Eluno (LAS) 2117453
19th ExoticPsyCHOtic (NA) 1974628
20th Bah c bien (EUW) 1958377
21st DrThugnasty (NA) 1956983
22nd ChoGath Bot (NA) 1933128
23rd ChoWhyIgnite (EUW) 1930390
24th CaEl Cebolinha (BR) 1893819
25th Alone InThe Dark (EUW) 1866578