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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st drinameka (EUW) 3734696
2nd drinameka (TR) 3454858
3rd WaitingforGodo (NA) 2888746
4th efsanevi cho (TR) 2821699
5th Luna April (KR) 2807339
6th Briibri (EUW) 2737009
7th 0TPG0DG4TH (EUNE) 2573053
8th Brazers Manager (EUW) 2416163
9th PredatorRidley (NA) 2304000
10th ColdNTheShower (NA) 2222778
11th RD Wombobear (EUW) 2123085
12th Federic (LAS) 2109137
13th lonewolf and cub (EUW) 2081803
14th DawnAtTheDeuce (NA) 2030455
15th 143THOR143 (EUNE) 1969238
16th BrunoKastnerXD (EUNE) 1967678
17th Checco Schifido (EUW) 1890962
18th CaEl Cebolinha (BR) 1890425
19th Bah c bien (EUW) 1887514
20th Alone InThe Dark (EUW) 1866578
21st ChoGath Bot (NA) 1853639
22nd ExoticPsyCHOtic (NA) 1825694
23rd DrThugnasty (NA) 1819445
24th ChoWhyIgnite (EUW) 1804394
25th xenoms (NA) 1779272