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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MrCraft (EUW) 4420740
2nd Zeld67 (EUW) 4078903
3rd MeatChugger (EUNE) 3544960
4th Infermaipe (BR) 3502572
5th zhengjiang1314 (EUW) 3374033
6th 차은우 핥고싶다 (KR) 3356071
7th seytan melek (TR) 3118147
8th wsll (EUW) 3070384
9th One trick amumu (NA) 3011336
10th MustacheYTB (BR) 2981648
11th Nantadet (EUW) 2781785
12th 30대롤 (KR) 2737301
13th Dissection0410 (EUW) 2712276
14th Chasas (EUW) 2408297
15th 무무와짱구링 (KR) 2269901
16th Melothia (EUNE) 2255804
17th Perfect Virgo (EUNE) 2194991
18th 말하면 바로 차단 (KR) 2172721
19th china1314520 (EUW) 2136898
20th SMURF DE JF (BR) 2052389
21st 고려 가우리 (KR) 2050938
22nd jaelindrael (EUW) 2047478
23rd Piituxinho (BR) 1997479
24th 윈스톰 (KR) 1963884
25th JigglypuffGamer (NA) 1932832