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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st MrCraft (EUW) 4420740
2nd Zeld67 (EUW) 3599635
3rd MeatChugger (EUNE) 3189242
4th Infermaipe (BR) 3155520
5th 상혁아무무하는년 (KR) 3094609
6th wsll (EUW) 3070384
7th zhengjiang1314 (EUW) 2830164
8th Nantadet (EUW) 2749932
9th seytan melek (TR) 2626465
10th One trick amumu (NA) 2612767
11th Dissection0410 (EUW) 2456948
12th MustacheNerd (BR) 2421178
13th Chasas (EUW) 2215541
14th ELO TIME (EUNE) 2211009
15th Perfect Virgo (EUNE) 1995457
16th 스킨사주세용 (KR) 1965207
17th 고구려의꿈 (KR) 1955093
18th 윈스톰 (KR) 1929100
19th nukedc (NA) 1842980
20th SMURF DE JF (BR) 1841225
21st 1dve3 (EUW) 1826146
22nd jaelindrael (EUW) 1820634
23rd Paul2HD (EUW) 1814013
24th TA LEGAME 1983 (EUNE) 1789825
25th NEW Sr Smithh (BR) 1744306