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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FastForward2000 (EUW) 5535612
2nd PowerOfAnivia (EUNE) 4585721
3rd Hungardt (EUW) 4090202
4th Черная Анивия (RU) 3468398
5th Anitria (EUW) 3325146
6th AlexSB (BR) 3279169
7th Hinojusu (NA) 3278191
8th Luple (NA) 3172541
9th LuckyShot925 (NA) 3004413
10th Arclight Icarus (NA) 2982841
11th Umbrella01 (NA) 2841476
12th humboldt uni (EUW) 2633533
13th XNINPO (EUW) 2603682
14th 킹호성 (KR) 2585974
15th magbb (EUNE) 2573430
16th KlausMyth (BR) 2538754
17th Mad Inventor (EUNE) 2512567
18th 빵빵2 (KR) 2511599
19th BananaWhe (EUNE) 2494919
20th Bird Main (NA) 2468902
21st NaVarre LAquila (NA) 2463622
22nd Snonky (EUW) 2418836
23rd Trizze (EUW) 2399979
24th Why2Rods (NA) 2396333
25th Embrace (NA) 2298211