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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FastForward2000 (EUW) 3511284
2nd PowerOfAnivia (EUNE) 2788912
3rd Umbrella01 (NA) 2463532
4th AlexSB (BR) 2391561
5th Черная Анивия (RU) 2389132
6th Anitria (EUW) 2349953
7th Hinojusu (NA) 2316224
8th Walled Out (NA) 2268029
9th 원일잉 (KR) 2201499
10th Hungardt (EUW) 2197045
11th 빵빵2 (KR) 2091282
12th smokeicarus (NA) 2032396
13th Trizze (EUW) 1958481
14th Wew Lad XD (NA) 1955675
15th Snonky (EUW) 1913917
16th humboldt uni (EUW) 1912301
17th NaVarre LAquila (NA) 1905536
18th daniboy1268 (BR) 1800420
19th BananaWhe (EUNE) 1718155
20th GangstaEnigma (NA) 1713292
21st Why2Rods (NA) 1668295
22nd OdeioGravesJG (BR) 1659895
23rd Froggem (KR) 1647980
24th eSuba Humanoid (EUNE) 1624199
25th Fake Froggen (EUNE) 1548005