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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FastForward2000 (EUW) 5170979
2nd PowerOfAnivia (EUNE) 4304846
3rd Hungardt (EUW) 3601600
4th Черная Анивия (RU) 3331088
5th Anitria (EUW) 3204689
6th Luple (NA) 3113659
7th Hinojusu (NA) 3077114
8th AlexSB (BR) 3025342
9th Arclight Icarus (NA) 2846811
10th Umbrella01 (NA) 2817273
11th LuckyShot925 (NA) 2726445
12th humboldt uni (EUW) 2523398
13th kim호성 (KR) 2420768
14th 빵빵2 (KR) 2391528
15th magbb (EUNE) 2378339
16th Bird Main (NA) 2356853
17th Trizze (EUW) 2350859
18th KlausMyth (BR) 2345255
19th XNINPO (EUW) 2317267
20th Snonky (EUW) 2310017
21st Mad Inventor (EUNE) 2307216
22nd NaVarre LAquila (NA) 2307113
23rd Why2Rods (NA) 2217134
24th BananaWhe (EUNE) 2198780
25th Chi11 Wi11 (NA) 2163022