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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FastForward2000 (EUW) 6292553
2nd Hungardt (EUW) 6111151
3rd PowerOfAnivia (EUNE) 5903020
4th Anitria (EUW) 4567243
5th PeqPrincipe (BR) 4085233
6th Hinojusu (NA) 4002176
7th rtbf208112016 (NA) 3746096
8th Arclight Icarus (NA) 3645283
9th Potsdam uni (EUW) 3584536
10th Luple (NA) 3561875
11th MASENKÖ (EUW) 3513259
12th Черная Анивия (RU) 3468398
13th Mad Inventor (EUNE) 3393884
14th magbb (EUNE) 3369579
15th BananaWhe (EUNE) 3328349
16th KlausMyth (BR) 3285036
17th Bird Main (NA) 3093023
18th Acc Loik (EUW) 3066520
19th Umbrella01 (NA) 2968277
20th Froggem (KR) 2929612
21st 혹시꼴리신가요 (KR) 2924491
22nd LygteN (EUW) 2921613
23rd Nø Skill Will (NA) 2909643
24th DJ Y4ssin (NA) 2871267
25th Snonky (EUW) 2852833