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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FastForward2000 (EUW) 6241053
2nd Hungardt (EUW) 5824231
3rd PowerOfAnivia (EUNE) 5680197
4th Anitria (EUW) 4445938
5th PeqPrincipe (BR) 4044222
6th Hinojusu (NA) 3869270
7th LuckyShot925 (NA) 3746096
8th Arclight Icarus (NA) 3577347
9th Черная Анивия (RU) 3468398
10th Luple (NA) 3424344
11th MASENKÖ (EUW) 3384142
12th magbb (EUNE) 3313356
13th Potsdam uni (EUW) 3289234
14th Mad Inventor (EUNE) 3283530
15th BananaWhe (EUNE) 3267147
16th KlausMyth (BR) 3092257
17th Bird Main (NA) 2999223
18th Umbrella01 (NA) 2951066
19th Froggem (KR) 2929612
20th Acc Loik (EUW) 2899716
21st Snonky (EUW) 2825859
22nd Taladris (NA) 2769989
23rd 2Rods (NA) 2758934
24th 세최애 원일2부캐 (KR) 2712362
25th DJ Y4ssin (NA) 2710677