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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Trickster Jester (NA) 6645374
2nd GG Julio Jg (BR) 5221838
3rd Krusty Da Clown (NA) 4369928
4th Veden (RU) 4054609
5th ShacoTina (BR) 3924397
6th Shacophrenia (NA) 3871787
7th Pink Ward (NA) 3573599
8th Sermens (EUW) 3567955
9th BY Tariç (TR) 3556811
10th Darkest Clone (NA) 3554967
11th GiornoˇGiovanna (EUNE) 3494777
12th KaTenGo (EUNE) 3478834
13th The Pursuer (BR) 3435098
14th White ShacStab (EUW) 3389251
15th Undead X (KR) 3276692
16th Oruchimaru (NA) 3247146
17th JIezusChristWins (EUNE) 3237329
18th SoulNibbler (NA) 3224177
19th onill (BR) 3189561
20th expirian (EUW) 3161641
21st Futas (EUW) 3152357
22nd Pannekakepulver (EUW) 3139336
23rd shaco4show (EUW) 3072369
24th Extreme Person (NA) 2980024
25th Watch out he (NA) 2968610