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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Artful Jester (NA) 4312977
2nd ShacoTina (BR) 3446094
3rd BY Tariç (TR) 3316146
4th F R E D R I K S (EUNE) 3193548
5th Veden (RU) 3097244
6th shaco4show (EUW) 2921493
7th Will Carry Solo (NA) 2894517
8th Sermens (EUW) 2887515
9th PrayatNight999 (EUNE) 2774023
10th Pink Ward (NA) 2713259
11th AsesinoSombra (NA) 2664882
12th expirian (EUW) 2623965
13th edev21 (EUNE) 2613208
14th Darkest Clone (NA) 2555197
15th GG Julio Jg (BR) 2525874
16th Spontanex (NA) 2485362
17th Pannkakpulver (EUW) 2444938
18th 멘탈잡자으쌰으쌰 (KR) 2375039
19th Joker Killer (EUW) 2364979
20th Watch out he (NA) 2358609
21st Extreme Person (NA) 2348445
22nd dt3kt (EUW) 2341500
23rd BrennholzBernd (EUW) 2337572
24th TrâpŠhot (EUW) 2322681
25th ORW (EUW) 2267707