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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Plushie Shaco (NA) 5636747
2nd GG Julio Jg (BR) 4408435
3rd Krusty Da Clown (NA) 4040038
4th ShacoTina (BR) 3824151
5th Veden (RU) 3763081
6th BY TariƧ (TR) 3556811
7th AsesinoSombra (NA) 3463959
8th NaranciaFredriks (EUNE) 3409686
9th Sermens (EUW) 3378865
10th Undead X (KR) 3276692
11th JIezusChristWins (EUNE) 3232492
12th Darkest Clone (NA) 3212925
13th Pink Ward (NA) 3212254
14th expirian (EUW) 3161641
15th The Pursuer (BR) 3111865
16th shaco4show (EUW) 3072369
17th KaTenGo (EUNE) 3066167
18th Ur brother Alex (NA) 3026682
19th Pannekakepulver (EUW) 3017457
20th Palikka (EUW) 3000230
21st onill (BR) 2996756
22nd SoulNibbler (NA) 2825684
23rd Hardstuck Shaco (EUW) 2816418
24th Joker Killer (EUW) 2797135
25th Extreme Person (NA) 2730006