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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Little Troll (NA) 7092214
2nd GG Julio Jg (BR) 5221838
3rd Krusty Da Clown (NA) 4614815
4th Veden (RU) 4256268
5th Shacophrenia (NA) 4019463
6th Darkest Clone (NA) 3939148
7th ShacoTina (BR) 3924397
8th ShacStab (EUW) 3808413
9th Pink Ward (NA) 3709463
10th The Pursuer (BR) 3674552
11th Sermens (EUW) 3665240
12th KaTenGo (EUNE) 3623461
13th BY TariƧ (TR) 3556811
14th GioGio Fredriks (EUNE) 3530211
15th SoulNibbler (NA) 3411497
16th onill (BR) 3283714
17th 9696555del (KR) 3276692
18th Oruchimaru (NA) 3247146
19th JIezusChristWins (EUNE) 3237329
20th Extreme Person (NA) 3213425
21st expirian (EUW) 3161641
22nd Futas (EUW) 3152357
23rd Pannekakepulver (EUW) 3139336
24th Watch out he (NA) 3077660
25th shaco4show (EUW) 3072369