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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Prince Dracula (NA) 4957839
2nd ShacoTina (BR) 3725630
3rd BY TariƧ (TR) 3556811
4th Veden (RU) 3521082
5th Krusty Da Clown (NA) 3440496
6th F R E D R I K S (EUNE) 3212170
7th GG Julio Jg (BR) 3178020
8th Sermens (EUW) 3127072
9th JIezusChristWins (EUNE) 3114316
10th AsesinoSombra (NA) 3095997
11th shaco4show (EUW) 3067666
12th Cant Catch Me (NA) 3007015
13th expirian (EUW) 2940101
14th Darkest Clone (NA) 2724200
15th Joker Killer (EUW) 2679465
16th Pannkakpulver (EUW) 2676069
17th edev21 (EUNE) 2648854
18th Mr Clownphobie (EUW) 2638192
19th Extreme Person (NA) 2597438
20th Palikka (EUW) 2586505
21st Feral Cat QC (NA) 2538904
22nd dt3kt (EUW) 2512684
23rd Godly Shaco (NA) 2507950
24th Spontanex (NA) 2485362
25th ImSpaik (EUW) 2482136