Dr. Mundo

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SHERIFF BUFORD (NA) 6312238
2nd Mundo (NA) 3590978
3rd 아생연후살타7 (KR) 3146499
4th DaJohnson (NA) 3131466
5th appallik (EUW) 2941218
6th Mörphëus (EUW) 2611886
7th ayra192 (TR) 2448524
8th vanilla1gorilla1 (NA) 2125613
9th muted (EUNE) 1913493
10th ferdigon (LAN) 1879005
11th Freewill95 (NA) 1632619
12th ACCENDITA (EUW) 1617224
13th ibehiding (NA) 1605802
14th Bodan32 (EUNE) 1499721
15th xdef (EUNE) 1491244
16th Mundo (RU) 1386711
17th Ch3vron (EUW) 1372077
18th B0LSOMIT0 (BR) 1323913
19th Lordgovert (EUW) 1224608
20th Shetoo (EUNE) 1201904
21st afemesya (TR) 1179110
22nd Lord Paladin (NA) 1164324
23rd Mundology (NA) 1154862
24th Ghost of Razgri (NA) 1114611
25th Rolex on ma hand (EUNE) 1098425