Dr. Mundo

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SHERIFF BUFORD (NA) 5779275
2nd Mundo (NA) 3086324
3rd DaJohnson (NA) 2748319
4th appallik (EUW) 2618216
5th ayra192 (TR) 2422366
6th Mörphëus (EUW) 2189146
7th vanilla1gorilla1 (NA) 2043582
8th muted (EUNE) 1902820
9th ferdigon (LAN) 1732075
10th Freewill95 (NA) 1546277
11th ibehiding (NA) 1529581
12th Bodan32 (EUNE) 1324826
13th ACCENDITA (EUW) 1317248
14th Mundo (RU) 1276841
15th xdef (EUNE) 1197503
16th Ch3vron (EUW) 1151273
17th afemesya (TR) 1146661
18th Ghost of Razgri (NA) 1114611
19th Lordgovert (EUW) 1111380
20th Shetoo (EUNE) 1101103
21st Mundology (NA) 1096713
22nd B0LSOMIT0 (BR) 1084380
23rd na1na2 (NA) 1076769
24th Wrongwaycruiser (EUW) 1052872
25th Rolex on ma hand (EUNE) 1033269