Dr. Mundo

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SHERIFF BUFORD (NA) 5205372
2nd Mundo (NA) 2696973
3rd DaJohnson (NA) 2502900
4th appallik (EUW) 2382776
5th ayra192 (TR) 2178315
6th muted (EUNE) 1879071
7th vanilla1gorilla1 (NA) 1850422
8th Mörphëus (EUW) 1831351
9th ibehiding (NA) 1460485
10th Freewill95 (NA) 1431368
11th Bodan32 (EUNE) 1216002
12th xdef (EUNE) 1172677
13th na1na2 (NA) 1076769
14th Shetoo (EUNE) 1062580
15th Mundo (RU) 1038509
16th Wrongwaycruiser (EUW) 1025955
17th Mundology (NA) 1007944
18th Lordgovert (EUW) 1004879
19th The Cane Master (EUW) 940816
20th Rolex on ma hand (EUNE) 927878
21st redlanterne (NA) 923284
22nd ReportThresh (NA) 874664
23rd DrWodka81 (EUW) 859909
24th Lord Paladin (NA) 853731
25th BoostedAndProud (NA) 847278