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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st frosty34 (NA) 4623192
2nd 사랑해 (KR) 3663589
3rd RdK Voormiss (EUW) 3517697
4th PlsTeamplay (EUW) 3438242
5th ThaGreenMachine (NA) 2920864
6th Bonedoc27 (NA) 2771627
7th That Sona Guy (NA) 2749183
8th 19440606 (NA) 2719932
9th Eslamwaheed (EUNE) 2597276
10th ImActuallyADude (NA) 2520936
11th MS viking (LAS) 2488980
12th sezwarnie (OCE) 2469242
13th Uhura (EUW) 2460874
14th jocasoromenho (EUW) 2343740
15th Hi Im A Noob (NA) 2341702
16th chipndip1 (NA) 2328934
17th The Firs MaLaKay (EUNE) 2291572
18th JXY0727 (NA) 2290439
19th CRO Sona (EUNE) 2252873
20th kinda pretty (NA) 2173482
21st Toxic Sona (EUNE) 2143380
22nd Yenari (EUW) 2116716
23rd Master Sona (NA) 2115422
24th Mr Sheeny (NA) 2107088
25th Adagio Virseoz (EUNE) 1997982