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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st frosty34 (NA) 7098989
2nd PlsTakeOnlyMains (EUW) 5351262
3rd Bonedoc27 (NA) 4976972
4th 사랑해 (KR) 4736984
5th 유빙0708 (KR) 4346617
6th Uhura (EUW) 4063228
7th RdK Voormiss (EUW) 4027658
8th Suero (OCE) 3950326
9th ThaGreenMachine (NA) 3870536
10th foñito (EUW) 3852294
11th That Sona Guy (NA) 3659380
12th LadyMiralay (TR) 3574675
13th jocasoromenho (EUW) 3565577
14th Heel S1ut (NA) 3518967
15th Mikasa A Sona (NA) 3478792
16th Houlasapik (EUW) 3475123
17th MuchUnskilled (EUNE) 3395045
18th SotobaKomati (EUW) 3387502
19th sezwarnie (OCE) 3357513
20th moonba (KR) 3328977
21st animexcom (NA) 3328092
22nd 하엘냥 (KR) 3324327
23rd Amarusama (EUW) 3280496
24th Gardevoir282 (NA) 3276426
25th The Sona Project (KR) 3274635