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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st frosty34 (NA) 6551881
2nd PlsTakeOnlyMains (EUW) 4962044
3rd Bonedoc27 (NA) 4456919
4th 사랑해 (KR) 4294742
5th RdK Voormiss (EUW) 3968304
6th Uhura (EUW) 3621761
7th ThaGreenMachine (NA) 3605252
8th Suero (OCE) 3454465
9th That Sona Guy (NA) 3407066
10th foñito (EUW) 3355193
11th jocasoromenho (EUW) 3349760
12th moonba (KR) 3328977
13th Amarusama (EUW) 3280496
14th Hi Im A Noob (NA) 3223227
15th LadyMiralay (TR) 3145824
16th MuchUnskilled (EUNE) 3122183
17th 냥냥 하엘냥 (KR) 3049526
18th The Sona Project (KR) 3021922
19th JolySrb (EUNE) 3015130
20th ImActuallyADude (NA) 3010036
21st Adjudicator Sona (NA) 2998328
22nd Gardevoir282 (NA) 2971700
23rd Eslamwaheed (EUNE) 2963113
24th animexcom (NA) 2928049
25th sezwarnie (OCE) 2912496