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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st frosty34 (NA) 5481545
2nd PlsTeamplay (EUW) 4029134
3rd 사랑해 (KR) 3939265
4th RdK Voormiss (EUW) 3838839
5th Bonedoc27 (NA) 3356818
6th moonba (KR) 3328977
7th ThaGreenMachine (NA) 3151035
8th That Sona Guy (NA) 3001392
9th Uhura (EUW) 2933459
10th ImActuallyADude (NA) 2923562
11th gdhalksu (NA) 2851000
12th Eslamwaheed (EUNE) 2762600
13th jocasoromenho (EUW) 2743517
14th Hi Im A Noob (NA) 2680950
15th sezwarnie (OCE) 2664912
16th foñito (EUW) 2574723
17th OTP CRO Sona (EUNE) 2540958
18th chipndip1 (NA) 2509213
19th JXY0727 (NA) 2501578
20th MS viking (LAS) 2488980
21st 하엘냥 (KR) 2461308
22nd The Sona Project (KR) 2419330
23rd Adjudicator Sona (NA) 2418300
24th Amarusama (EUW) 2403638
25th LadyMiralay (TR) 2387683