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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheKooM (KR) 2670525
2nd SuspiciousOther (NA) 2614597
3rd cjftn123 (KR) 2515075
4th SuspiciousOther (LAN) 2514002
5th Crankyly (EUW) 2139796
6th 대화차단함 (KR) 2074549
7th SuspiciousOther (LAS) 1820295
8th xAlMiiGhTy (EUW) 1681290
9th Riftwalking (NA) 1675096
10th Dandere90 (EUW) 1638048
11th x HighFall (EUW) 1576166
12th DottBalanzone (EUW) 1558128
13th Comrade Kassadin (NA) 1557760
14th TesIa (TR) 1531361
15th Slowas (BR) 1490881
16th BeckyLemmeSmash (EUNE) 1428818
17th Hvidløgs Flute (EUW) 1422157
18th Upcoming Legend (EUW) 1341623
19th kramola (RU) 1331780
20th Lòrd Of The Void (NA) 1317545
21st OTP Kássádin (EUW) 1312439
22nd Nerfa (BR) 1304470
23rd Dimeslim (EUW) 1295481
24th Anzavur (EUW) 1291825
25th Aiorya (EUW) 1274844