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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 나의 칼 나의 피 (KR) 3982425
2nd cjftn123 (KR) 3113767
3rd TheKooM (KR) 2877331
4th SuspiciousOther (NA) 2795915
5th 대화차단함 미드 (KR) 2785855
6th TURK4 (EUW) 2761540
7th Crankyly (EUW) 2579670
8th xAlMiiGhTy (EUW) 2519747
9th SuspiciousOther (LAN) 2514002
10th Riftwalking (NA) 2402113
11th Professor HiFall (EUW) 2378647
12th Aiorya (EUW) 2204220
13th OTP Kássádin (EUW) 2196309
14th TidesOfChaos (EUNE) 2187423
15th Slowas (BR) 2184779
16th Eugerius (EUW) 2055118
17th TesIa (TR) 2030494
18th WinterPortal (NA) 1939960
19th U Zù Giuvanni (EUW) 1918083
20th Kass (BR) 1863010
21st DottBalanzone (EUW) 1857384
22nd Castew (EUNE) 1853383
23rd SuspiciousOther (LAS) 1820295
24th ÆgIDitAnsigt (EUW) 1802651
25th психопад (EUW) 1789239