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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 나의 칼 나의 피 (KR) 3645389
2nd cjftn123 (KR) 2953918
3rd TheKooM (KR) 2847889
4th SuspiciousOther (NA) 2766194
5th TURK4 (EUW) 2761540
6th Crankyly (EUW) 2579670
7th 대화차단함 미드 (KR) 2526348
8th SuspiciousOther (LAN) 2514002
9th Riftwalking (NA) 2340705
10th xAlMiiGhTy (EUW) 2316840
11th Professor HiFall (EUW) 2185998
12th Aiorya (EUW) 2126130
13th OTP Kássádin (EUW) 2116871
14th Slowas (BR) 2108701
15th TidesOfChaos (EUNE) 2034221
16th TesIa (TR) 1962754
17th Eugerius (EUW) 1891830
18th DottBalanzone (EUW) 1857384
19th Dandere90 (EUW) 1838468
20th SuspiciousOther (LAS) 1820295
21st Kass (BR) 1795328
22nd jackiema1013 (OCE) 1779441
23rd психопад (EUW) 1769994
24th Castew (EUNE) 1756014
25th GiveUsDominion (EUW) 1744876