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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st slx81 (NA) 4852060
2nd dkbadd (NA) 4043679
3rd That Fight Club (EUW) 3572210
4th 뚝섬역살아요 (KR) 3241145
5th C3sar is a dog (BR) 3225820
6th 시티즌팍 (KR) 2971730
7th Skywalker iLi (NA) 2902003
8th Masta Irelia (NA) 2742278
9th TheEggMen (NA) 2726898
10th AtomicAtomz (NA) 2670931
11th billyand the 2nd (NA) 2641134
12th QQ No Reset (NA) 2601966
13th Trinity Aatrox (BR) 2522627
14th ThreeBlindMice (NA) 2518474
15th Sofi Vegan Koike (NA) 2446101
16th FourBlades (NA) 2310849
17th 이렐캐리누누던짐 (KR) 2308289
18th AutismoIntenso (LAS) 2298108
19th Report Botlane (LAS) 2277723
20th Diversij4 (EUW) 2248947
21st C 4 (EUNE) 2155869
22nd HOU5E (NA) 2138858
23rd Irelia hime sama (EUW) 2138549
24th peah (BR) 2095577
25th silver hunter 91 (LAN) 2075052