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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st slx81 (NA) 4486095
2nd dkbadd (NA) 3663825
3rd C3sar is a dog (BR) 3218022
4th That Fight Club (EUW) 2961428
5th 시티즌팍 (KR) 2900954
6th TheEggMen (NA) 2725826
7th ThreeBlindMice (NA) 2518474
8th Sexyrelia (BR) 2458631
9th Masta Irelia (NA) 2444186
10th Skywalker iLi (NA) 2418288
11th QQ No Reset (NA) 2390328
12th billyand the 2nd (NA) 2382580
13th Smurf R Cheaterz (NA) 2365781
14th Hideri Koike (NA) 2363858
15th AutismoIntenso (LAS) 2297006
16th FourBlades (NA) 2277983
17th Report Botlane (LAS) 2277723
18th 이렐캐리누누던짐 (KR) 2254853
19th HOU5E (NA) 2132514
20th Irelia hime sama (EUW) 2082090
21st silver hunter 91 (LAN) 2052687
22nd Ashdod (TR) 2040933
23rd Alizé (OCE) 2012541
24th rain in tokyo (EUNE) 2012058
25th Kodama52 (RU) 1966061