Twisted Fate

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Peggasus (EUW) 4949060
2nd Sentrize (EUW) 3513003
3rd Gross Gore (EUW) 3429644
4th 심해는차단이정답 (KR) 3224058
5th SSBM Hax (NA) 3216592
6th Twisted Tales (EUW) 3124864
7th 지든말든미드만감 (KR) 2839678
8th 여러분들의오더 (KR) 2719542
9th WifeBringMyCards (EUW) 2682481
10th PAXxTwistedFate (NA) 2678529
11th Kaiji700M (EUW) 2548334
12th TheHoesRLaffin (NA) 2543093
13th BabyMisty (BR) 2531730
14th Why (KR) 2503460
15th Fakent (EUW) 2490908
16th Kubeeee (EUNE) 2454169
17th IlIIIIIIIIlllIlI (NA) 2436861
18th LordCakeman (EUW) 2427027
19th Espir (NA) 2286982
20th Under The Gun (OCE) 2283748
21st Jax0K (EUNE) 2256021
22nd manbreeze09 (NA) 2247434
23rd BST Yellowcard (EUW) 2240371
24th SuoMy (EUW) 2229862
25th ThanBai (NA) 2139815