Twisted Fate

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Peggasus (EUW) 6064766
2nd Sentrize (EUW) 4045948
3rd Gross Gore (EUW) 3901690
4th Why (KR) 3700912
5th PAXxTwistedFate (NA) 3643023
6th MKG Scorpion (BR) 3571001
7th SSBM Hax (NA) 3538436
8th 지든말든미드만감 (KR) 3513736
9th 심해는차단이정답 (KR) 3417196
10th Deluder (EUW) 3264405
11th Kaiji700M (EUW) 3234755
12th Thad (NA) 3227236
13th TheHoesRLaffin (NA) 3170242
14th Sword of Mankind (LAS) 3164856
15th mario robert (EUNE) 3048387
16th TanginaMoo (NA) 3041066
17th BabyMisty (BR) 2895776
18th Jax0K (EUNE) 2891344
19th WifeBringMyCards (EUW) 2877050
20th Fated Enigma (NA) 2844555
21st 여러분들의오더 (KR) 2835076
22nd Kubeeee (EUNE) 2818484
23rd LordCakeman (EUW) 2808201
24th Espir (NA) 2778093
25th provvisorio22 (EUW) 2704744