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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st The Femme Fatale (BR) 3868166
2nd Eav (NA) 3730836
3rd Siegkrieg (EUW) 3598133
4th 아라미인 (KR) 3527715
5th bαrd (EUW) 3506335
6th Rickyta (LAS) 3310928
7th Jánna (NA) 3299242
8th plazmodezmata (TR) 3296920
9th Best Teemo World (NA) 3193599
10th Jenninx (NA) 3148441
11th Nannu (EUW) 2879418
12th Monstryaka (NA) 2867378
13th 3141592654240591 (EUW) 2840256
14th Joe Katze (EUW) 2820604
15th Netorare ASMR (NA) 2786921
16th XDaimosX (EUW) 2733852
17th olthoi ripper (NA) 2730073
18th Nikkï (EUW) 2659315
19th PsotnyWiatrZenka (EUNE) 2637671
20th JannaIncredible (TR) 2609769
21st Broxah s Wife (EUW) 2600561
22nd ValkySenpai (EUW) 2529816
23rd Vento (BR) 2435962
24th Sharmander (NA) 2367632
25th X UltraVioleT X (EUNE) 2297304