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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st youcandobetter (NA) 3422305
2nd Tobias Fate (NA) 3211155
3rd Ravizinho (BR) 2629023
4th Captain Cem (EUW) 2311486
5th Airreign (EUW) 2162273
6th 귤 지 컬 (KR) 2157548
7th Cur0Kag3 (EUNE) 2101289
8th Dr Keg (NA) 2013744
9th Tobıas Fake (EUNE) 2003316
10th Magnan (BR) 1934384
11th Foo (OCE) 1922729
12th 200 IQ GP (NA) 1902967
13th czarnypr0 (EUNE) 1891626
14th Spedonic (OCE) 1812505
15th Bo Mirell (EUW) 1799985
16th JonhyDerp (BR) 1795060
17th Qw3rty (EUNE) 1737911
18th SamuraiZ (EUW) 1725653
19th Cap BlackBeard (LAN) 1718706
20th Better 0n Top (EUW) 1714431
21st the great q (NA) 1681212
22nd velho almirante (BR) 1658098
23rd BarreIs (EUW) 1650519
24th Nazario (KR) 1628673
25th DONT NERF GP E (NA) 1571807