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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tobias Fate (NA) 3557185
2nd 귤 지 컬 (KR) 3439532
3rd youcandobetter (NA) 3422305
4th lukqaz (LAS) 3344884
5th Ravizinho (BR) 3340054
6th 해적 493 (KR) 2899661
7th 챌린저갱플 (KR) 2889474
8th Captain Cem (EUW) 2869825
9th Arancia (EUW) 2757929
10th YO HO ITS GP BRO (NA) 2650350
11th JonhyDerp (BR) 2535240
12th Magnan (BR) 2533997
13th Foo (OCE) 2473532
14th 禿と蝶feat樽男 (JP) 2465119
15th Cur0Kag3 (EUNE) 2448392
16th Bad Gangplank (EUNE) 2438914
17th Jimi Bendrix (NA) 2421157
18th Nakatsukasa (BR) 2414991
19th Spedonic (OCE) 2368872
20th Kuroneko2370 (EUW) 2288993
21st Almira (BR) 2273019
22nd the great q (NA) 2222085
23rd I Love Catgirls (EUW) 2220878
24th Wings of Steel (EUW) 2191933
25th Mr Mxyzptlk (NA) 2179711