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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 나루토근성 (KR) 4887932
2nd FrostSickle (NA) 4385794
3rd Bonesy (EUNE) 4293750
4th Asor (LAS) 3809177
5th Kami Thresh (NA) 3794835
6th Algos (RU) 3667362
7th Thresh xD (EUNE) 3652327
8th Calico Kid (BR) 3550694
9th Jaum Show (BR) 3468545
10th RaidMataBemMorto (NA) 3346436
11th PiernasLocas99 (EUW) 3316011
12th LiLFelix (EUW) 3305736
13th l Will Protect U (EUW) 3291266
14th Funnypig (EUW) 3264888
15th Cptn Hook (EUNE) 3154453
16th Man from Jupiter (NA) 3131917
17th ÐÂÐÂSÍÇÂ (EUW) 3067888
18th e4io (NA) 3064507
19th H00KER (EUW) 3028101
20th Whippy (EUW) 2999240
21st 50 Shades O Flay (EUW) 2996366
22nd PheenixDC (NA) 2973430
23rd I suck at thresh (NA) 2960536
24th uRGoingToGet (NA) 2934391
25th Visible Disgust (EUW) 2884760