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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CH6666 (OCE) 2388254
2nd YoungKhalifaMan (NA) 2163917
3rd MakeMeOooh (EUW) 2114333
4th AllonYHKim (KR) 1425265
5th Lima Oscar Lima (LAS) 1414146
6th mariosakantev (EUNE) 1355878
7th DudeUpstairs (NA) 1267861
8th lilulalelo (EUW) 1257544
9th Shozy (EUW) 1245713
10th ohashikun (BR) 1185113
11th fuyisu (EUW) 1129014
12th Nakto (EUW) 1114285
13th pralysse (EUW) 1099430
14th Varacki (EUW) 1097602
15th BrianSetzer (EUW) 1096219
16th ReBeL Number13 (EUW) 1071582
17th ABAD0N (LAN) 1046793
18th Elhagyatott (EUNE) 1012390
19th Ejderkanat Corki (TR) 974455
20th ejakee (EUW) 960370
21st PEW PEW GOT EM (NA) 923671
22nd Máquina d Guerra (LAS) 914447
23rd Fenzo (EUW) 881818
24th BabylonMO200 (EUNE) 862629
25th Mardek (NA) 855056