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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CH6666 (OCE) 2924540
2nd MakeMeOooh (EUW) 2750728
3rd GoldenCorki (NA) 2395363
4th mariosakantev (EUNE) 1513523
5th Ezfalso (LAS) 1505971
6th AllonYHKim (KR) 1460461
7th fuyisu (EUW) 1402220
8th DudeUpstairs (NA) 1361672
9th Elhagyatott (EUNE) 1357721
10th Shozy (EUW) 1303016
11th ohashikun (BR) 1277208
12th lilulalelo (EUW) 1257544
13th pralysse (EUW) 1144184
14th APOLLY0N (LAN) 1141660
15th Nakto (EUW) 1129235
16th Varacki (EUW) 1116825
17th BrianSetzer (EUW) 1096219
18th Máquina d Guerra (LAS) 1085264
19th skt11fediyy (EUW) 1071582
20th ejakee (EUW) 1023032
21st Ejderkanat Corki (TR) 999030
22nd PEW PEW GOT EM (NA) 982049
23rd Depressed Corki (EUW) 975849
24th Slaxern (NA) 936282
25th Fenzo (EUW) 935224