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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CH6666 (OCE) 3560423
2nd MakeMeOooh (EUW) 2750728
3rd GoldenCorki (NA) 2668057
4th mariosakantev (EUNE) 1787832
5th Elhagyatott (EUNE) 1684710
6th fuyisu (EUW) 1646312
7th Ezfalso (LAS) 1613598
8th AllonYHKim (KR) 1599835
9th DudeUpstairs (NA) 1511598
10th APOLLY0N (LAN) 1486539
11th ohashikun (BR) 1428601
12th Máquina d Guerra (LAS) 1415843
13th Captain Corki (EUW) 1339067
14th lilulalelo (EUW) 1336857
15th Shozy (EUW) 1327936
16th JackJack Parr (EUW) 1218442
17th Fenzo (EUW) 1216523
18th Pralysse (EUW) 1198827
19th Varacki (EUW) 1192480
20th Nakto (EUW) 1161825
21st Ejderkanat Corki (TR) 1102721
22nd BrianSetzer (EUW) 1096219
23rd Depressed Corki (EUW) 1088545
24th Vinny Idol (NA) 1085246
25th skt11fediyy (EUW) 1071582