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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st CH6666 (OCE) 3880462
2nd MakeMeOooh (EUW) 2750728
3rd GoldenCorki (NA) 2724402
4th Elhagyatott (EUNE) 2059169
5th mariosakantev (EUNE) 1864803
6th APOLLY0N (LAN) 1714271
7th fuyisu (EUW) 1646312
8th AllonYHKim (KR) 1640583
9th Ezfalso (LAS) 1630934
10th Máquina d Guerra (LAS) 1557268
11th ejakee (EUW) 1529089
12th DudeUpstairs (NA) 1513432
13th JackJack Parr (EUW) 1499874
14th ohashikun (BR) 1464996
15th lilulalelo (EUW) 1345188
16th Shozy (EUW) 1332569
17th Fenzo (EUW) 1271817
18th waroflord (EUW) 1244224
19th Vinny Idol (NA) 1226942
20th Pralysse (EUW) 1213221
21st Varacki (EUW) 1192480
22nd Nakto (EUW) 1179599
23rd Ejderkanat Corki (TR) 1170579
24th Depressed Corki (EUW) 1163841
25th ivan9114 (NA) 1132620