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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st İLLAOİ BABA (TR) 4380106
2nd jacklovejiacheng (NA) 2703557
3rd deathnote36k (EUW) 2507911
4th over 1K I know (NA) 2225328
5th Baba Garen (TR) 2180553
6th Kraken Priestess (BR) 2082083
7th 촉수페티쉬 (KR) 2074879
8th 엠 (KR) 2035700
9th THE ONE HAWK (EUNE) 2030092
10th Andrejoki (EUW) 1979368
11th d0m3ry (EUW) 1967369
12th NicolausHo (EUW) 1903957
13th H4Z4RDOUS (EUNE) 1794094
14th strangelove NA (NA) 1770928
15th Siyah Sancak (TR) 1766119
16th ColdSouls (NA) 1745313
17th StarBugger xD (EUNE) 1731354
18th GeishaMoon415 (NA) 1713885
19th faraonix (EUW) 1686729
20th smoking strong (EUW) 1665911
21st OGHero06 (NA) 1637706
22nd ICE TBone (NA) 1625888
23rd TTUPhoenix (NA) 1612989
24th Anthony Ackerman (NA) 1582191
25th Nagakabouros (EUNE) 1581843