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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st İLLAOİ BABA (TR) 2977882
2nd jacklovejiacheng (NA) 2401674
3rd Baba Garen (TR) 2179102
4th THE ONE HAWK (EUNE) 1807258
5th 샤프한제우스 (KR) 1791831
6th deathnote36k (EUW) 1777964
7th Siyah Sancak (TR) 1762268
8th StarBugger xD (EUNE) 1674988
9th 촉수페티쉬 (KR) 1544002
10th over 1K I know (NA) 1495589
11th Kraken Priestess (BR) 1478782
12th smoking strong (EUW) 1386456
13th ICE TBone (NA) 1380411
14th ColdSouls (NA) 1377289
15th Anthony Ackerman (NA) 1354193
16th GeishaMoon415 (NA) 1303160
17th Onahalar (EUW) 1283719
18th JimboJangles72 (NA) 1275699
19th Andrejoki (EUW) 1247847
20th H4Z4RDOUS (EUNE) 1247279
21st Ælter Ego (EUW) 1216962
22nd No Honor 212 (EUW) 1213804
23rd TTK Techno (NA) 1191980
24th C0mm4nd3rDavid (EUW) 1180962
25th Nagakabouros (EUNE) 1118499