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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st İLLAOİ BABA (TR) 5311677
2nd NicolausHo (EUW) 3008791
3rd 3 Millaoi (NA) 2925487
4th deathnote36k (EUW) 2876527
5th MeilinJoyce (NA) 2755081
6th Gipsy Danger (KR) 2688193
7th Kraken Priestess (BR) 2684363
8th 촉수페티쉬 (KR) 2678021
9th Dtry (EUW) 2536462
10th Baba Garen (TR) 2182619
11th Darkjev (NA) 2118345
12th Siyah Sancak (TR) 2069574
13th strangelove NA (NA) 2062377
14th BereInBurta (EUNE) 2057015
15th H4Z4RDOUS (EUNE) 2048964
16th eldoudou (EUW) 2048958
17th Middas01 (BR) 2048748
18th 엠 (KR) 2035700
19th THE ONE HAWK (EUNE) 2030092
20th Andrejoki (EUW) 2014939
21st Hentai General (EUNE) 1996360
22nd GeishaMoon415 (NA) 1975037
23rd Onahalar (EUW) 1934737
24th TTUPhoenix (NA) 1883133
25th smoking strong (EUW) 1873045