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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st RekSai Only (EUW) 3249582
2nd LOKLOKS (NA) 2877511
3rd 감광체유니트 (KR) 2475105
4th My Bite Hurts (NA) 2173403
5th DeadWalk3r (EUW) 2167396
6th RekSaiyajin (TR) 1989465
7th RekSaiEUW (EUW) 1989257
8th Successful Gank (EUW) 1984179
9th TM88 DAT WAY (NA) 1914962
10th RageOfTheQueen (EUW) 1889624
11th Reksai the JG (KR) 1844598
12th Rayoc4 (EUW) 1791688
13th Khronic Prodigy (NA) 1763312
14th ZIN3D (OCE) 1744835
15th JusTSkiLLzZ (EUNE) 1709884
16th Ape with AK47 (EUW) 1705077
17th RekSaiyajin (EUW) 1701419
18th 7thFlow (KR) 1681240
19th Psihy (EUW) 1676958
20th XJ10 (NA) 1672413
21st ezz (EUW) 1642745
22nd bozniansaint (NA) 1635356
23rd NicholasMatthew9 (NA) 1613792
24th Sidon (EUW) 1593280
25th 37871102del (KR) 1582543