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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st RekSai Only (EUW) 3452889
2nd 히키모리넷상여포 (KR) 3281548
3rd Vulpi LOKLOKS (NA) 3148525
4th My Bite Hurts (NA) 2437333
5th DeadWalk3r (EUW) 2323553
6th Successful Gank (EUW) 2168468
7th RageOfTheQueen (EUW) 2069744
8th RekSaiyajin (TR) 1989465
9th RekSaiEUW (EUW) 1989257
10th Psihy (EUW) 1986971
11th RekSaiyajin (EUW) 1918617
12th TM88 DAT WAY (NA) 1914962
13th NicholasMatthew9 (NA) 1871622
14th Reksai the JG (KR) 1858363
15th BIG DICC JULIAN (NA) 1856580
16th Chipotle Will (NA) 1856190
17th Tiranilus (EUW) 1826502
18th ZIN3D (OCE) 1820810
19th JusTSkiLLzZ (EUNE) 1814553
20th Khronic Prodigy (NA) 1803567
21st Rayoc4 (EUW) 1791688
22nd Muhammed Polat (TR) 1784431
23rd Schagan (EUW) 1781952
24th Joueuse de flûte (EUW) 1731892
25th 7thFlow (KR) 1700360