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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st RekSai Only (EUW) 2697870
2nd LOKLOKS (NA) 2248473
3rd IWillDominik (EUW) 1748796
4th TM88 DAT WAY (NA) 1745482
5th Khronic Prodigy (NA) 1691526
6th My Bite Hurts (NA) 1659002
7th bozniansaint (NA) 1635356
8th 37871102del (KR) 1582543
9th Reksai the JG (KR) 1553182
10th PaperHeart (EUW) 1540578
11th Zer Sai (NA) 1515363
12th RageOfTheQueen (EUW) 1510228
13th ezz (EUW) 1490830
14th JusTSkiLLzZ (EUNE) 1477587
15th ZIN3D (OCE) 1434588
16th Sidon (EUW) 1391874
17th Organismo 46 B (LAS) 1373474
18th XJ10 (NA) 1371134
19th Rek Sai GOD (EUW) 1360619
20th Split Sai (EUW) 1314336
21st RekSaiyajin (EUW) 1305752
22nd Shadowtion (RU) 1298814
23rd Psihy (EUW) 1246011
24th Beetletank (OCE) 1237768
25th QuantumElement (NA) 1204195