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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Zeuticus (NA) 1653170
2nd 쪼꼬맹이 데이지 (KR) 1633456
3rd magbb (EUNE) 1169286
4th 소미라 (KR) 1152663
5th fotoply (EUW) 1137233
6th Syrian Refuge (NA) 1014657
7th 아이번맨 (KR) 1008554
8th rnd supp (EUNE) 970249
9th langken (KR) 951844
10th Zireaell (EUNE) 913164
11th amanduhhhh (NA) 860133
12th IvernBramblefoot (EUW) 827980
13th Not iIvern close (EUW) 827033
14th 알파고 정글 (KR) 817845
15th Anørexic Maokai (NA) 815376
16th 맥코리 컬킨 (KR) 802876
17th Toupeira Maneira (BR) 772137
18th Yameme (EUW) 771482
19th Aøkigahara (EUW) 742471
20th Bush Out4Harambe (NA) 741338
21st Chakathulhu (NA) 736016
22nd IdontShieldToxic (NA) 720187
23rd GetYaSum (NA) 706644
24th Anorexic Maokai (NA) 700016
25th Hi Im YMY (EUNE) 682605