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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st magbb (EUNE) 2348923
2nd Zeuticus (NA) 2044791
3rd 소미라 (KR) 1860498
4th 쪼꼬맹이 데이지 (KR) 1656068
5th wizardofwit (NA) 1624195
6th 아이번맨 (KR) 1474844
7th IvernBramblefoot (EUW) 1290940
8th Ivern Ofensivo (BR) 1221167
9th fotoply (EUW) 1206668
10th Ivern God Return (EUW) 1174485
11th rnd supp (EUNE) 1114524
12th O Primata (BR) 1102904
13th Saal Iverson (EUW) 1097609
14th ΑοΚι (EUW) 1049781
15th Mesreth (NA) 1038584
16th Syrian Refuge (NA) 1014657
17th Zireaell (EUNE) 979663
18th langken (KR) 970891
19th James Babadaoski (EUW) 956246
20th Anørexic Maokai (NA) 942387
21st 알파고 정글 (KR) 936873
22nd My World 2 Reign (NA) 892963
23rd DaisyMeRolin (NA) 887997
24th Ashadeep (NA) 876630
25th amanduhhhh (NA) 863634