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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st magbb (EUNE) 3256531
2nd ebottle (KR) 2577382
3rd 아이번맨 (KR) 2321287
4th 소미라 (KR) 2229625
5th Zeuticus (NA) 2123771
6th wizardofwit (NA) 1898029
7th 쿠팡맨친절배송 (KR) 1818667
8th Master LoL (BR) 1785553
9th Ivern Inútil (BR) 1541984
10th IvernBramblefoot (EUW) 1422004
11th Afrodite Alencar (BR) 1317931
12th DaisyMeRolin (NA) 1301653
13th Hands to my self (BR) 1286441
14th Mesreth (NA) 1277753
15th fotoply (EUW) 1272299
16th Saal Iverson (EUW) 1249823
17th Timobaby1 (EUW) 1210534
18th 주머니손빼라했다 (KR) 1203178
19th 311610000 (EUW) 1202533
20th rnd supp (EUNE) 1150573
21st Prïmata (BR) 1141712
22nd Rxe is Gay (EUW) 1130615
23rd HEX Zireaell (EUNE) 1119145
24th ΑοΚι (EUW) 1114329
25th GooglAndrewYang (NA) 1074529