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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Akaruin (EUW) 4853685
2nd andrxh (LAN) 2831018
3rd Kalísta (NA) 2666566
4th MaX1337 (EUNE) 2579080
5th winnerKS (NA) 2302304
6th MÏ HawK (LAS) 2234899
7th Fates Princess (EUW) 1951424
8th subthor (EUW) 1936915
9th Obvy (NA) 1923756
10th A2 Benzinkalista (EUW) 1796032
11th Karambooo (EUW) 1700606
12th Sp33dXThCxKali (EUW) 1675026
13th type102 (NA) 1664978
14th Cpt Ladikabel (EUW) 1617318
15th Mía Khalista (BR) 1598032
16th God Shadøw (EUW) 1567986
17th Bilhan is Back (TR) 1524654
18th DT Extacy (TR) 1516624
19th Bubbabadu (NA) 1467231
20th МОХНАТЫЙ КоготЪ (RU) 1429251
21st stayshock (NA) 1425812
22nd CapitanNess (NA) 1418423
23rd Bakura Kite (TR) 1416507
24th Garthen (BR) 1402629
25th DemreNN (EUNE) 1365191