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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Akaruin (EUW) 4602328
2nd andrxh (LAN) 2696198
3rd Kalísta (NA) 2546993
4th MaX1337 (EUNE) 2493353
5th winnerKS (NA) 2272202
6th MÏ HawK (LAS) 2045488
7th subthor (EUW) 1936915
8th Fates Princess (EUW) 1896498
9th Obvy (NA) 1883917
10th Karambooo (EUW) 1700606
11th A2 Benzinkalista (EUW) 1687410
12th Sp33dXThCxKali (EUW) 1632363
13th type102 (NA) 1630783
14th Cpt Ladikabel (EUW) 1610026
15th God Shadøw (EUW) 1567986
16th Mía Khalista (BR) 1549583
17th Bilhan is Back (TR) 1524654
18th DT Extacy (TR) 1516624
19th Bubbabadu (NA) 1464946
20th Bakura Kite (TR) 1413810
21st CapitanNess (NA) 1368275
22nd DemreNN (EUNE) 1355049
23rd 원딜김포춘 (KR) 1340343
24th Kalista Mid (BR) 1325063
25th bimbums03 (EUW) 1323877