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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Akaruin (EUW) 5285373
2nd Kalista9MM (LAN) 3349062
3rd 주 땡 (KR) 3306963
4th MAJIGIRE (JP) 2799134
5th Kalísta (NA) 2726051
6th jamás unø (LAS) 2634982
7th MaX1337 (EUNE) 2588537
8th winnerKS (NA) 2585011
9th Rûler (NA) 2115038
10th Fates Princess (EUW) 2106693
11th A2 Benzinkalista (EUW) 1999501
12th subthor (EUW) 1986127
13th Kyuukyokutai (EUNE) 1801621
14th Mía Khalista (BR) 1777952
15th type102 (NA) 1733195
16th uFreedom (EUW) 1723692
17th 0oR4MP4GEXxAMPHE (EUW) 1713105
18th Karambooo (EUW) 1700606
19th DT Extacy (TR) 1682677
20th Junkyu (NA) 1669487
21st Cpt Ladikabel (EUW) 1650567
22nd Kalllista (EUW) 1617041
23rd KalisTOP (BR) 1588055
24th Ghoule (RU) 1583738
25th God Shadøw (EUW) 1567986