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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st FNC Akarui (EUW) 4178782
2nd MaX1337 (EUNE) 2404440
3rd andrxh (LAN) 2402599
4th Kalísta (NA) 2285247
5th winnerKS (NA) 2219547
6th subthor (EUW) 1936915
7th AKAIINUS (LAS) 1841480
8th K1NG (NA) 1738884
9th Karambooo (EUW) 1700606
10th A2 Benzinkalista (EUW) 1585142
11th Cpt Ladikabel (EUW) 1584499
12th type102 (NA) 1570681
13th God Shadøw (EUW) 1567986
14th Fates Princess (EUW) 1567126
15th Sp33dXThCxKali (EUW) 1565302
16th Bilhan is Back (TR) 1524654
17th DT Extacy (TR) 1516624
18th Mía Khalista (BR) 1463686
19th Bubbabadu (NA) 1445694
20th Bakura Kite (TR) 1369083
21st PapuGomez10 (EUW) 1323877
22nd 칼류스타 (KR) 1316429
23rd Kalista Mid (BR) 1308373
24th Solo Kalista (EUW) 1285472
25th DemreNN (EUNE) 1280864