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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Akarui 00 (EUW) 3467768
2nd MaX1337 (EUNE) 2111032
3rd andrxh (LAN) 2068759
4th subthor (EUW) 1886452
5th winnerKS (NA) 1866947
6th Kalísta (NA) 1746501
7th Karambooo (EUW) 1700606
8th God Shadøw (EUW) 1554915
9th Bilhan is Back (TR) 1524654
10th K1NG (NA) 1409763
11th 칼류스타 (KR) 1312317
12th Rj Beckham (EUW) 1270574
13th ILadis (EUW) 1199438
14th Tonatiuh (LAN) 1194678
15th Fates Princess (EUW) 1157463
16th Best Kalista EU (EUNE) 1133660
17th Toxic Teiny (EUNE) 1128025
18th I Main Kalista (EUW) 1061528
19th Draconus (NA) 1057020
20th KaliganCos (EUW) 1054767
21st pepelin69 (EUW) 1046968
22nd Bubbabadu (NA) 1045819
23rd CapitanNess (NA) 1039877
24th Jïm (EUW) 1039000
25th Garthen (BR) 1034447