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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Demin0r (EUNE) 3853140
2nd É SOU EU (BR) 3391411
3rd atpar (LAN) 3184032
4th exesevoleW (EUW) 2753987
5th M0M0 GOD (NA) 2305008
6th 00Chapi (EUW) 2275733
7th RMMP (LAS) 2270595
8th OdNO (TR) 2233720
9th itsmess (EUW) 2192577
10th vedalkan (LAS) 2044104
11th tonytwobits (NA) 2017194
12th Xenoznika (NA) 2016725
13th Rufus Mace (NA) 2012918
14th Anonother (NA) 1886140
15th Rodeban (LAS) 1776782
16th dreadnoughtus01 (NA) 1761601
17th Zero AP Karma (NA) 1716931
18th Genesis Red (NA) 1686599
19th NNT Diane (BR) 1670307
20th LT Phenytoin (NA) 1667751
21st Manolios0mpixtis (EUNE) 1656821
22nd Miss Kreep (NA) 1643134
23rd shoseki (JP) 1602894
24th Wilt (EUNE) 1528594
25th TNHA Baritone (NA) 1518523