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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Demin0r (EUNE) 3729314
2nd É SOU EU (BR) 3080731
3rd atpar (LAN) 3041752
4th exesevoleW (EUW) 2651061
5th 00Chapi (EUW) 2274780
6th RMMP (LAS) 2241478
7th OdNO (TR) 2233720
8th M0M0 GOD (NA) 2105601
9th itsmess (EUW) 1972748
10th tonytwobits (NA) 1950475
11th Xenoznika (NA) 1894077
12th Anonother (NA) 1886140
13th Rufus Mace (NA) 1869424
14th vedalkan (LAS) 1792628
15th dreadnoughtus01 (NA) 1761601
16th Manolios0mpixtis (EUNE) 1654018
17th Zero AP Karma (NA) 1637881
18th Miss Kreep (NA) 1608557
19th Rodeban (LAS) 1588326
20th Genesis Red (NA) 1537888
21st Eeve Super Mid (BR) 1520600
22nd TheLightIsComing (NA) 1499888
23rd LT Phenytoin (NA) 1493452
24th TSP MANTRA (NA) 1489520
25th shoseki (JP) 1483889