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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Demin0r (EUNE) 4330594
2nd CARLOS KARMA (BR) 3599094
3rd atpar (LAN) 3440190
4th exesevoleW (EUW) 2878011
5th M0M0 GOD (NA) 2626190
6th itsmess (EUW) 2404061
7th RMMP (LAS) 2305406
8th 00Chapi (EUW) 2299436
9th vedalkan (LAS) 2262439
10th Xenoznika (NA) 2249357
11th OdNO (TR) 2233720
12th tonytwobits (NA) 2133778
13th Rufus Mace (NA) 2105697
14th Rodeban (LAS) 1916302
15th Anonother (NA) 1886140
16th shoseki (JP) 1869069
17th Genesis Red (NA) 1859104
18th LT Phenytoin (NA) 1821732
19th Zero AP Karma (NA) 1816999
20th dreadnoughtus01 (NA) 1764069
21st Miss Kreep (NA) 1759828
22nd NNT Diane (BR) 1742653
23rd DimForest (NA) 1695076
24th Manolios0mpixtis (EUNE) 1668041
25th Oprah Winfrey (EUNE) 1604989