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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NAMSO (NA) 4221994
2nd monkded (NA) 3905607
3rd Bardic (NA) 3797919
4th Walking (NA) 3667884
5th 바드꼬츄 (KR) 3570587
6th StrayBard (EUW) 3496360
7th rhodesit (NA) 3489912
8th ballsmeep (NA) 3479555
9th meep molester (EUNE) 3441989
10th who fed bard (LAN) 3325305
11th Diegolazer (EUW) 3284497
12th im cheed (BR) 3236573
13th Stay bot Bard (EUW) 3159675
14th 4번 소환사 (KR) 3124403
15th NoHoldsBard420 (NA) 3024453
16th Thodulis (EUNE) 2908223
17th Crazy Might (EUW) 2904444
18th coy27 (KR) 2874096
19th viruzzs (EUW) 2854581
20th LanistaHB (LAS) 2851458
21st Pikaizonfire (EUNE) 2790968
22nd BardHimself (NA) 2766373
23rd OrangeToaster (EUW) 2726423
24th Árbol viejo (LAS) 2715918
25th asdfghy (NA) 2572124