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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st monkded (NA) 3119014
2nd Shajae (NA) 3024469
3rd Bardic (NA) 2871503
4th meep molester (EUNE) 2695803
5th rhodesit (NA) 2529023
6th StrayBard (EUW) 2471038
7th im cheed (BR) 2347184
8th Pikaizonfire (EUNE) 2343176
9th Árbol viejo (LAS) 2325480
10th Crazy Might (EUW) 2243076
11th 신바드의모함 (KR) 2073343
12th PillowyDisc9010 (BR) 2063633
13th Bard Simpson (BR) 2034913
14th OrangeToaster (EUW) 1920502
15th Walking (NA) 1918018
16th Stay bot Bard (EUW) 1879542
17th Diegolazer (EUW) 1702430
18th Thodulis (EUNE) 1694585
19th VPS EuSouBugado (BR) 1674355
20th Dumb Kitty (NA) 1669011
21st Skumbag Zeto (EUW) 1658522
22nd qe13 (NA) 1613429
23rd fiLip2201 (EUNE) 1593855
24th debtor (NA) 1537032
25th Brogghamerus (EUW) 1478236