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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Shajae (NA) 4154358
2nd monkded (NA) 3814932
3rd Bardic (NA) 3660697
4th rhodesit (NA) 3471331
5th 바드꼬츄 (KR) 3459605
6th meep molester (EUNE) 3371757
7th ballsmeep (NA) 3256804
8th Walking (NA) 3246532
9th StrayBard (EUW) 3236234
10th im cheed (BR) 3159114
11th Diegolazer (EUW) 3153523
12th 4번 소환사 (KR) 3117110
13th who fed bard (LAN) 3054670
14th NoHoldsBard420 (NA) 2838036
15th Thodulis (EUNE) 2826839
16th Crazy Might (EUW) 2805607
17th Stay bot Bard (EUW) 2792542
18th Pikaizonfire (EUNE) 2754601
19th OrangeToaster (EUW) 2699679
20th Árbol viejo (LAS) 2693853
21st LanistaHB (LAS) 2642107
22nd coy27 (KR) 2576176
23rd Dumb Kitty (NA) 2512096
24th asdfghy (NA) 2414022
25th Loathed Summoner (NA) 2410376