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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st monkded (NA) 3009469
2nd Bardic (NA) 2819909
3rd Shajae (NA) 2805961
4th rhodesit (NA) 2395218
5th meep molester (EUNE) 2368256
6th Pikaizonfire (EUNE) 2277312
7th StrayBard (EUW) 2273030
8th Bardo taciturno (LAS) 2251200
9th im cheed (BR) 2225484
10th Crazy Might (EUW) 2065376
11th 신바드의모함 (KR) 2032216
12th Bard Simpson (BR) 2018464
13th PillowyDisc9010 (BR) 2005179
14th Stay bot Bard (EUW) 1868848
15th OrangeToaster (EUW) 1770571
16th Walking (NA) 1683492
17th VPS EuSouBugado (BR) 1627620
18th Dumb Kitty (NA) 1598644
19th Skumbag Zeto (EUW) 1580176
20th qe13 (NA) 1576496
21st Thodulis (EUNE) 1566088
22nd fiLip2201 (EUNE) 1497982
23rd debtor (NA) 1496491
24th Brogghamerus (EUW) 1478236
25th Presidiária (BR) 1432737