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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st abletun (NA) 6097914
2nd Taric Hétero (BR) 3446553
3rd Ermokopides (EUNE) 3263505
4th Onyx Misfire (NA) 3013788
5th Fabulous Gems (NA) 3004116
6th TrethCzan (EUNE) 2752570
7th imaproblem (EUNE) 2700376
8th La Breizh (EUW) 2686965
9th svenkeskogen (EUW) 2655981
10th fortibuss (TR) 2538455
11th Kunigoss (EUNE) 2419393
12th junkie7 (NA) 2395370
13th Crockett (EUNE) 2377725
14th SexualTaric (EUW) 2335745
15th hempmeh (BR) 2265536
16th PaiGow (NA) 2249595
17th ArgentinaBs (LAS) 2237395
18th ЛЕКСТОР (RU) 2230480
19th Pinky Fatty Fat (NA) 2153716
20th El Protector (LAS) 2100595
21st KingNoonex (EUW) 2068784
22nd Grande Donger (NA) 2026380
23rd Sir Jim theGreat (NA) 2025492
24th Peelmobile (NA) 2006091
25th 엔토리 (KR) 1979362