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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st abletun (NA) 6332622
2nd Taric Hétero (BR) 3600897
3rd Ermokopides (EUNE) 3336592
4th Fabulous Gems (NA) 3099232
5th Onyx Misfire (NA) 3097489
6th imaproblem (EUNE) 2902627
7th TrethCzan (EUNE) 2844181
8th La Breizh (EUW) 2842091
9th svenkeskogen (EUW) 2812920
10th LuminshieldTaric (EUW) 2625929
11th junkie7 (NA) 2600140
12th fortibuss (TR) 2563781
13th Kunigoss (EUNE) 2494345
14th Crockett (EUNE) 2487267
15th PaiGow (NA) 2322925
16th ЛЕКСТОР (RU) 2296776
17th hempmeh (BR) 2280574
18th ArgentinaBs (LAS) 2269680
19th Pinky Fatty Fat (NA) 2154434
20th El Protector (LAS) 2116770
21st KingNoonex (EUW) 2112562
22nd Sir Jim theGreat (NA) 2084767
23rd Yoda2173 (EUW) 2044747
24th Grande Donger (NA) 2026380
25th Peelmobile (NA) 2006091