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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Abletun (NA) 4621342
2nd Ermokopides (EUNE) 2375366
3rd Taric Hétero (BR) 2337806
4th TaricAmLutschen (EUW) 2154294
5th hempmeh (BR) 2041164
6th Onyx Misfire (NA) 2021842
7th Peelmobile (NA) 2006091
8th 엔토리 (KR) 1979216
9th Joaquin El Chapo (EUNE) 1929853
10th ArgentinaBs (LAS) 1835018
11th La Breizh (EUW) 1821559
12th Takeitfrombehind (EUNE) 1800239
13th BlTcoin (EUW) 1795284
14th Pinky Fatty Fat (NA) 1783630
15th KLR Carmine (LAS) 1779982
16th ЛЕКСТОР (RU) 1777310
17th PaiGow (NA) 1772071
18th Grande Donger (NA) 1711881
19th Alécàndrô (EUW) 1704670
20th dodgeifyoufill (EUW) 1698506
21st Sir Jim theGreat (NA) 1657010
22nd Хьюхефнер (RU) 1639544
23rd TrethCzan (EUNE) 1634337
24th Exiled Demacian (EUNE) 1534164
25th DanScrub (NA) 1523614