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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheBossVeigar (NA) 3234178
2nd Kheog (NA) 2801530
3rd Riff N Raff (NA) 2601778
4th NScientist (NA) 2435326
5th Fister Act II (NA) 2321569
6th MATHMOJO (NA) 2265426
7th ÇuöRèÑèRö (EUW) 2255695
8th veigaR special (NA) 2110174
9th WiccetSmurf (NA) 2107710
10th Remdog (EUW) 2011395
11th EvilKow (NA) 1995769
12th flag1984 (JP) 1988770
13th Usajiro (NA) 1887169
14th junan (LAN) 1869704
15th ROTC58기 심기찬 (KR) 1816873
16th xD5H9x (EUW) 1810295
17th Bronixon (EUW) 1778224
18th JustaZergling (NA) 1775933
19th VEYGAY (TR) 1772576
20th Evil 베이가님 (KR) 1771233
21st FUC THE META (NA) 1763714
22nd KaDiEl (KR) 1726542
23rd Varga Patrik (EUNE) 1716919
24th ainknight (EUW) 1708727
25th Master ViVi (EUW) 1703690