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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheBossVeigar (NA) 3674910
2nd NScientist (NA) 3091886
3rd Riff N Raff (NA) 3061052
4th Kheog (NA) 3010381
5th ÇuöRèÑèRö (EUW) 2930137
6th Cúmé Lord (NA) 2706616
7th flag1984 (JP) 2429250
8th MATHMOJO (NA) 2427075
9th WiccetSmurf (NA) 2400723
10th Remdog (EUW) 2203192
11th EvilKow (NA) 2197064
12th xD5H9x (EUW) 2160437
13th gangel716 (NA) 2126991
14th Usajiro (NA) 2119686
15th veigaR special (NA) 2111311
16th Veiga (NA) 2017959
17th junan (LAN) 2004005
18th Evil 베이가님 (KR) 1989335
19th FUC THE META (NA) 1974935
20th Funglus (EUW) 1967640
21st ainknight (EUW) 1964548
22nd JustaZergling (NA) 1927420
23rd Bronixon (EUW) 1888643
24th VEYGAY (TR) 1888557
25th KaDiEl (KR) 1885951