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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheBossVeigar (NA) 4062304
2nd NScientist (NA) 3629163
3rd ÇuöRèÑèRö (EUW) 3474822
4th Riff N Raff (NA) 3474350
5th Kheog (NA) 3019266
6th The Cúmé Lord (NA) 2884453
7th flag1984 (JP) 2833468
8th WiccetSmurf (NA) 2733388
9th gangel716 (NA) 2615537
10th EvilKow (NA) 2528567
11th MATHMOJO (NA) 2471057
12th xD5H9x (EUW) 2357496
13th fuba900 (EUW) 2301542
14th xThranduiLx (TR) 2282444
15th Remdog (EUW) 2268595
16th 베이가 선생님 (KR) 2253923
17th Ban Zoe Players (NA) 2251637
18th Usajiro (NA) 2250681
19th junan (LAN) 2246822
20th Veiga (NA) 2237496
21st Funglus (EUW) 2232798
22nd ainknight (EUW) 2210394
23rd s1lim (EUW) 2132742
24th ƒull on ƒiree (EUW) 2092832
25th Evil 베이가님 (KR) 1989335