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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st TheBossVeigar (NA) 4713524
2nd NScientist (NA) 3977250
3rd ÇuöRèÑèRö (EUW) 3974677
4th Riff N Raff (NA) 3704184
5th flag1984 (JP) 3477931
6th 세젤귀 베이가상 (KR) 3243201
7th gangel716 (NA) 3239661
8th The Cúmé Lord (NA) 3142379
9th Kheog (NA) 3019266
10th EvilKow (NA) 3013016
11th WiccetCheetos (NA) 2976337
12th Mertini (EUW) 2967691
13th 악마의 웃음 (KR) 2858395
14th xD5H9x (EUW) 2828858
15th 베2e가 (KR) 2783007
16th MATHMOJO (NA) 2775607
17th junan (LAN) 2718603
18th fuba900 (EUW) 2662935
19th Veiga (NA) 2661217
20th 絶対veigar使わん (JP) 2648262
21st xThranduiLx (TR) 2568343
22nd ƒull on ƒiree (EUW) 2551817
23rd Tize (KR) 2476740
24th Ban Zoe Players (NA) 2452468
25th Arcade Veigar (EUW) 2438645