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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Loxias17 (EUNE) 6407791
2nd Focus El Troll (LAN) 4809458
3rd 실력없음라인노 (KR) 3031468
4th c w h1 (KR) 2599844
5th Yibon (NA) 2580163
6th EarlHickeyFC (EUW) 2523057
7th DrGoogle (EUNE) 2357849
8th CRA (JP) 2319230
9th JUNGLE TROLL (NA) 2166340
10th karolme (EUNE) 2140944
11th TRUTHS33KER (NA) 1989382
12th Radiant Phoenix (OCE) 1888707
13th Mc Manow Pedra (BR) 1882027
14th Fanis (EUNE) 1859309
15th YorktownCC (NA) 1783481
16th 트런들 그 자체 (KR) 1753063
17th kamasaka (EUW) 1722892
18th maschang (KR) 1671794
19th wutteh (NA) 1614786
20th 따궈심야 (KR) 1603817
21st Ruthless Records (EUNE) 1536859
22nd CDR Heathcliff (NA) 1468707
23rd Kled n Skaarl (KR) 1463793
24th AbTwisty (EUW) 1435371
25th masscrace (EUW) 1430375