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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Loxias17 (EUNE) 5435138
2nd Focus El Troll (LAN) 4809458
3rd 실력없음라인노 (KR) 2907454
4th Yibon (NA) 2573922
5th DrGoogle (EUNE) 2346303
6th karolme (EUNE) 2137311
7th CRA (JP) 2057598
8th EarlHickeyFC (EUW) 2003197
9th Radiant Phoenix (OCE) 1875131
10th JUNGLE TROLL (NA) 1867810
11th TRUTHS33KER (NA) 1843518
12th kamasaka (EUW) 1696952
13th Fanis (EUNE) 1681508
14th 트런들 그 자체 (KR) 1663951
15th Mc Manow Pedra (BR) 1632177
16th wutteh (NA) 1614786
17th YorktownCC (NA) 1587773
18th 따궈심야 (KR) 1533093
19th maschang (KR) 1522392
20th Chief Troll (KR) 1452652
21st masscrace (EUW) 1405629
22nd AbTwisty (EUW) 1384240
23rd Ruthless Records (EUNE) 1381959
24th Zorganith (NA) 1380809
25th CDR Heathcliff (NA) 1346517