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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Loxias17 (EUNE) 5138107
2nd Focus El Troll (LAN) 4809458
3rd 실력없음라인노 (KR) 2891773
4th Yibon (NA) 2570124
5th DrGoogle (EUNE) 2318223
6th karolme (EUNE) 2123745
7th CRA (JP) 1970413
8th EarlHickeyFC (EUW) 1928938
9th Radiant Phoenix (OCE) 1866657
10th TRUTHS33KER (NA) 1741201
11th kamasaka (EUW) 1643852
12th wutteh (NA) 1614786
13th 트런들 그 자체 (KR) 1613795
14th Mc Manow Pedra (BR) 1583110
15th JUNGLE TROLL (NA) 1509079
16th Fanis (EUNE) 1491993
17th YorktownCC (NA) 1475333
18th Chief Troll (KR) 1448139
19th masscrace (EUW) 1403901
20th 아쿠메카츠 (KR) 1344882
21st CDR Heathcliff (NA) 1343334
22nd Zorganith (NA) 1330687
23rd AbTwisty (EUW) 1312957
24th GO IslzaeL (LAN) 1267658
25th umbrotm (BR) 1266277