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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Focus El Troll (LAN) 4809458
2nd Loxias17 (EUNE) 4281326
3rd 실력없음라인노 (KR) 2773319
4th Yibon (NA) 2542204
5th DrGoogle (EUNE) 2182320
6th karolme (EUNE) 1967540
7th Radiant Phoenix (OCE) 1780709
8th EarlHickeyFC (EUW) 1619278
9th wutteh (NA) 1614786
10th 트런들 그 자체 (KR) 1591642
11th kamasaka (EUW) 1555222
12th Chief Troll (KR) 1437309
13th TRUTHS33KER (NA) 1425783
14th Mc Manow Pedra (BR) 1408820
15th 아쿠메카츠 (KR) 1344882
16th CDR Heathcliff (NA) 1270187
17th YorktownCC (NA) 1222127
18th GO IslzaeL (LAN) 1218292
19th Zorganith (NA) 1216415
20th AbTwisty (EUW) 1134548
21st Adr316 (NA) 1112172
22nd crazygreek1 (EUNE) 1099370
23rd Ginours (EUW) 1077552
24th umbrotm (BR) 1074425
25th The Trundle (EUW) 1070868