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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Krasz4EverRakan (EUW) 2745529
2nd CharmAndKnockup (NA) 2187390
3rd Plomo (LAS) 2072151
4th NamiCaloNão XD (BR) 1870307
5th Perniicious (EUW) 1670108
6th Strzelba (EUW) 1571766
7th Owly Takalex (EUW) 1423370
8th X1X (NA) 1395990
9th Accidia (NA) 1350904
10th Señor Support (EUNE) 1347758
11th SubmitToMyWill (EUW) 1304154
12th VaýSa (EUNE) 1291552
13th Rengar18700 (EUW) 1245593
14th Noticé me Xayah (EUW) 1223233
15th ForsakeTheDream (NA) 1174111
16th Rakannavacciuolo (EUW) 1146903
17th SugarDaddyShad (NA) 1106181
18th JANNA THOT (NA) 1091078
19th TheStrzelba (EUNE) 1075410
20th Charm Me Senpai (EUNE) 1070848
21st Tanya Alperstedt (BR) 1067828
22nd clownxcrown (JP) 1066444
23rd Black Wizard (NA) 1026284
24th Dunneboshond (EUW) 1018103
25th KS Rakan (EUW) 1017622