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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Featherw8 (EUW) 3746347
2nd Plomo (LAS) 3011796
3rd CharmAndKnockup (NA) 2800932
4th Strzelba (EUW) 2108158
5th Kjınn (NA) 1987153
6th ForsakeTheDream (NA) 1926890
7th SuperRaKan (KR) 1906114
8th Rakan is King (TR) 1895588
9th Sothla (BR) 1874490
10th Accidia (NA) 1845237
11th Gönülçelen (TR) 1748247
12th Mike o (EUNE) 1719045
13th Takalex (EUW) 1712612
14th Noticé me Xayah (EUW) 1700718
15th Perniicious (EUW) 1670108
16th X1X (NA) 1640074
17th Rakannavacciuolo (EUW) 1500192
18th CharmingQuill (EUNE) 1499685
19th Masakï (BR) 1486968
20th A True Mysteryy (NA) 1442794
21st Keanu Reeeves (EUW) 1375716
22nd Friendly Dancing (NA) 1357606
23rd Señor Support (EUNE) 1350407
24th clownxcrown (JP) 1341656
25th Her Rakan UwU (EUNE) 1316903