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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Perniicious (EUW) 791369
2nd Tail Feathers (NA) 785952
3rd Krasz (EUW) 592030
4th Whore Rakan (NA) 576466
5th Got7 Yugyeom (NA) 527360
6th Xce (NA) 498028
7th Bonoobo Slayer (EUW) 492093
8th Y0UG0TR3KT (LAS) 483753
9th Rãkaan (EUNE) 464967
10th Mistical Flow (EUW) 461399
11th ulsafar axcezz (EUNE) 458045
12th Kenzo Matix (NA) 447009
13th Ionian Virtuoso (EUNE) 446595
14th Charm Me Senpai (EUNE) 445460
15th Darth W00ser (NA) 434033
16th SiliciuMonster (EUW) 426844
17th RakanDisDik (NA) 416769
18th Footshake (NA) 413393
19th PandaVerde (BR) 410177
20th Shadiun (NA) 409103
21st Lathel (NA) 390271
22nd DotEleven (NA) 382352
23rd The Hiddén Carry (TR) 361736
24th Kergean (EUW) 360852
25th TheGoldFishy (NA) 357000