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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Åkí (NA) 2724625
2nd Hi im Xayah (EUW) 2250967
3rd Xayah is Queen (TR) 2084134
4th Hi im Xayah (EUNE) 2036899
5th PıxeI (TR) 1932605
6th que pc ruim (BR) 1747399
7th Xayah is Rebel (TR) 1744413
8th ohhellosara (NA) 1731833
9th lolofking (TR) 1682086
10th guyanat (EUW) 1673664
11th BladeSingularity (NA) 1508693
12th iMiraZuke (BR) 1506044
13th dogan89 (TR) 1501880
14th KBM Xayah (BR) 1444402
15th His Xayah UwU (EUNE) 1432746
16th DefliHun (EUW) 1432636
17th NightShift (LAS) 1432119
18th Purple Féathers (EUW) 1412862
19th Xayahh (BR) 1398444
20th Miella the Rebel (EUW) 1358913
21st Inferno Feather (EUNE) 1350370
22nd Veternus (EUW) 1279078
23rd Yare Yare Dawa (EUNE) 1265245
24th H E S Ø Y A M (EUNE) 1224600
25th Featherling (EUNE) 1220182