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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Hi im Xayah (EUNE) 1851919
2nd Åkí (NA) 1837882
3rd C9 Sneaky V2 (TR) 1674517
4th ohhellosara (NA) 1634501
5th Pixel Sama (TR) 1561244
6th Eu sou a Xáyah (BR) 1217754
7th DanielFv5 (BR) 1175097
8th OIeander (EUNE) 1134992
9th guyanat (EUW) 1106279
10th xDarkWolf (EUW) 1060596
11th Veternus (EUW) 1059868
12th dogan89 (TR) 1047521
13th Sister Friedé (EUW) 1036274
14th Depressed Xayah (BR) 1016480
15th DefliHun (EUW) 991808
16th Miella the Rebel (EUW) 968333
17th Rebel Xayah (BR) 949675
18th WatchMyFeathers (EUW) 939789
19th Birbs (EUW) 936622
20th Nugget Xayah (EUNE) 926951
21st iMiraZuke (BR) 924343
22nd BladeSingularity (NA) 892235
23rd AhriGamerBg (EUNE) 857045
24th Angry Biach (EUW) 843744
25th Lhotlan (EUNE) 836826