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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Åkí (NA) 2646276
2nd Hi im Xayah (EUW) 2227872
3rd Hi im Xayah (EUNE) 2036899
4th Xayah ìs Queen (TR) 1935587
5th ohhellosara (NA) 1731275
6th Pixel Sama (TR) 1716840
7th Bonniê (BR) 1682555
8th lolofking (TR) 1682086
9th guyanat (EUW) 1586684
10th Xayah is Rebel (TR) 1543259
11th iMiraZuke (BR) 1475376
12th BladeSingularity (NA) 1450670
13th dogan89 (TR) 1450096
14th NightShift (LAS) 1397050
15th DefliHun (EUW) 1376067
16th Purple Féathers (EUW) 1362225
17th Xayahh (BR) 1350114
18th His Xayah UwU (EUNE) 1336380
19th SSG Xayah BR (BR) 1335113
20th Miella the Rebel (EUW) 1320067
21st Yare Yare Dawa (EUNE) 1240559
22nd Veternus (EUW) 1236728
23rd Xâyáh (EUNE) 1158940
24th xDarkWolf (EUW) 1153763
25th H E S Ø Y A M (EUNE) 1130545