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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Åkí (NA) 2237170
2nd Hi im Xayah (EUNE) 1965256
3rd lolofking (TR) 1682086
4th ohhellosara (NA) 1654829
5th Pixel Sama (TR) 1635971
6th Xayah ìs Queen (TR) 1597188
7th n passei no if (BR) 1507194
8th guyanat (EUW) 1340525
9th Xayahh (BR) 1291601
10th dogan89 (TR) 1216505
11th Lan Wangjí (EUNE) 1192493
12th Kírin Toudou (EUW) 1174192
13th Veternus (EUW) 1150703
14th DefliHun (EUW) 1145413
15th xDarkWolf (EUW) 1134210
16th BladeSingularity (NA) 1125843
17th iMiraZuke (BR) 1118840
18th Nugget Xayah (EUNE) 1064176
19th Miella the Rebel (EUW) 1019736
20th Depressed Xayah (BR) 1016480
21st Birbs (EUW) 1012217
22nd WatchMyFeathers (EUW) 950885
23rd Rebel Xayah (BR) 949675
24th DeadIy Feather (EUW) 940102
25th H E S Ø Y A M (EUNE) 928201