Xin Zhao

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Reiniko (EUW) 5979358
2nd CapitanRock (EUW) 5542968
3rd Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep (NA) 4380643
4th artikus xin (EUW) 3282620
5th Rei Cristo (BR) 3255063
6th tambura (EUW) 3128843
7th LegendaryGhost (EUNE) 3119103
8th ReiMatematica (BR) 2974181
9th king222 (EUW) 2929689
10th 우 윽 (KR) 2743079
11th Pavilion p6100 (LAN) 2735368
12th ArTikUs Xin (LAN) 2613022
13th Fanis (EUNE) 2500099
14th Thatwobar (NA) 2484253
15th RATHYEN (NA) 2467451
16th Viscero (TR) 2433166
17th Matc (LAS) 2378882
18th Vinccs (OCE) 2319331
19th Petit Viet (EUW) 2205872
20th BigKBear (NA) 2203631
21st Trollstein (EUW) 2187554
22nd Dadio1 (NA) 2159824
23rd longanss (EUW) 2136771
24th XinGod (NA) 2090929
25th Only Xin Zhao (NA) 2081505