Xin Zhao

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Reiniko (EUW) 5682202
2nd CapitanRock (EUW) 4992207
3rd Bleeeeeeeeeeeeep (NA) 3869153
4th Rei Cristo (BR) 3078263
5th artikus xin (EUW) 3059001
6th ReiMatematica (BR) 2893809
7th LegendaryGhost (EUNE) 2831031
8th tambura (EUW) 2750627
9th 우 윽 (KR) 2729307
10th Pavilion p6100 (LAN) 2724642
11th ArTikUs Xin (LAN) 2613022
12th king222 (EUW) 2495481
13th Fanis (EUNE) 2487668
14th Thatwobar (NA) 2484253
15th Viscero (TR) 2406496
16th Vinccs (OCE) 2214512
17th Matc (LAS) 2213417
18th Bot Xin Zhao (EUW) 2205740
19th Dadio1 (NA) 2151765
20th Trollstein (EUW) 2139523
21st longanss (EUW) 2136771
22nd XinGod (NA) 2066736
23rd BigKBear (NA) 2019339
24th Jizya Collector (NA) 1982383
25th DeusLook (BR) 1969307