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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st NoxuSwain (KR) 5698004
2nd Crows Before Hos (NA) 2472491
3rd 파밍만조용히 (KR) 2335975
4th Máscara De Jano (BR) 2325944
5th Revert Swain Plz (BR) 2325524
6th Shangocaton (NA) 2304773
7th marsokhod (RU) 2288680
8th 暇すぎる皐 (JP) 2273466
10th Sheyket (EUW) 2225266
11th Réy (NA) 2134467
12th AndronusPetronus (NA) 2132845
13th SectorZeroGP (EUW) 2086894
14th Deep Blue (LAS) 2039385
15th TuVeuxTesTeR (EUW) 1840441
16th BIindSight (NA) 1835024
17th Beatrice To Me (EUW) 1821354
18th L2 Survive (EUW) 1806556
19th Böss Gaza (EUNE) 1789973
20th Xanas (EUNE) 1774636
21st BEYHUDE84 (TR) 1766305
22nd Tryhard D1 (EUW) 1761785
23rd Tryhard MT1 (EUNE) 1761785
24th End of Watch (EUNE) 1725082
25th LoafingWill (NA) 1681073