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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Crows Before Hos (NA) 2459800
2nd marsokhod (RU) 2288680
3rd Máscara De Jano (BR) 2228657
4th AndronusPetronus (NA) 2132845
5th Shangocaton (NA) 2113248
6th 暇すぎる皐 (JP) 2043451
7th Deep Blue (LAS) 1951877
8th Swain era Bom (BR) 1893962
9th Réy (NA) 1835786
10th Xanas (EUNE) 1774636
11th BEYHUDE84 (TR) 1765388
12th Tryhard D1 (EUW) 1761785
13th L2 Survive (EUW) 1757648
14th BIindSight (NA) 1728629
15th End of Watch (EUNE) 1725082
16th Dàskalos (EUNE) 1719569
17th TuVeuxTesTeR (EUW) 1683297
18th LoafingWill (NA) 1679285
19th TheTrueMaster (NA) 1677268
20th Rhaezn (BR) 1646029
21st First time Swaín (EUW) 1580636
22nd SoulOFEagle (EUNE) 1556955
23rd Böss Gaza (EUNE) 1553396
24th End of Swain (EUW) 1539054
25th xxLLxx (NA) 1492831