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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SyIas (EUW) 670802
2nd 천상계 사일러스 (KR) 644427
3rd Aldoerir (BR) 629580
4th Skylandos (NA) 522504
5th Meneloon (RU) 519524
6th Moetronic (EUW) 503007
7th Smõkey (OCE) 500701
8th Inquisitor Dante (EUW) 494353
9th 슈퍼좟고수 (KR) 489770
10th KingzzorAA (EUW) 489299
11th Terra Ad Caelum (EUW) 477452
12th 수금토토일뻬이커 (KR) 465133
13th redbboy (EUW) 462153
14th Zi93 (EUNE) 415375
15th ReforgedSylas (EUW) 413789
16th Poverty Sylas (NA) 400576
17th GªlaxySlayer Zed (NA) 397291
18th End Me IRL (EUNE) 395881
19th Zayco (BR) 378932
20th SYLAS FERO (TR) 372459
21st l Gatti l (BR) 368284
22nd Never Supp (EUNE) 361250
23rd Dergerät992 (EUW) 356491
24th GUARDIAN1K (EUNE) 353439
25th TlJohanlT (LAN) 348709