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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Aldoerir (BR) 989552
2nd Korea Sylas (KR) 737589
3rd SyIas (EUW) 711392
4th Skylandos (NA) 648470
5th Senpai Sylas (BR) 611633
6th Meneloon (RU) 597763
7th Moetronic (EUW) 540657
8th Terra Ad Caelum (EUW) 524598
9th redbboy (EUW) 522540
10th ReforgedSylas (EUW) 522148
11th 미드만하는니코 (KR) 506096
12th Smõkey (OCE) 503239
13th iOnzah (EUNE) 496630
14th KRAT0SS (NA) 495923
15th Inquisitor Dante (EUW) 494353
16th KingzzorAA (EUW) 489299
17th Chrnøs (NA) 475436
18th 수금토토일뻬이커 (KR) 466315
19th Dergerät992 (EUW) 463026
20th Zi93 (EUNE) 461136
21st ULTİNİ CIKRA (TR) 460383
22nd Sylas and Int (NA) 442904
23rd Zayco (BR) 438383
24th True Ice Sylas (NA) 414285
25th GUARDIAN1K (EUNE) 411279