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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Syachy (EUNE) 183458
2nd Inquisitor Dante (EUW) 147638
3rd Fück its Zed (NA) 145626
4th SyIas (EUW) 143305
5th Não me Pykere (BR) 130265
6th Cybier (EUW) 128509
7th GaliOWNYA (OCE) 120057
8th HardstuckXD (EUNE) 119239
9th ImANightmare7 (NA) 118588
10th Rêy (NA) 115340
11th Yasylas (EUNE) 101672
12th Naofuml (NA) 100203
13th Sylakko (EUW) 100074
14th Aqulver (EUNE) 99841
15th SixocIock (NA) 99035
16th Hijaçked (NA) 98205
17th Dark Demon Sylas (EUNE) 96792
18th Savage Starlight (LAS) 96031
19th Jarvan (EUW) 94574
20th SAC À DOS (EUW) 94354
21st Mage from a Cage (EUNE) 90327
22nd Wolfoboyo (NA) 89637
23rd costanata00 (BR) 85567
24th Poro Unshackled (OCE) 81926
25th Fïsh (NA) 81183