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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Aldoerir (BR) 800440
2nd SyIas (EUW) 684829
3rd 아 펠 리 O 스 (KR) 655413
4th Skylandos (NA) 608023
5th Meneloon (RU) 565544
6th Moetronic (EUW) 524948
7th Smõkey (OCE) 502805
8th redbboy (EUW) 499624
9th CrazzyF (BR) 499503
10th Inquisitor Dante (EUW) 494353
11th 미드만하는니코 (KR) 493751
12th iOnzah (EUNE) 492128
13th KingzzorAA (EUW) 489299
14th Terra Ad Caelum (EUW) 477560
15th 수금토토일뻬이커 (KR) 465133
16th ToMuchBoostation (NA) 464343
17th Chrnøs (NA) 449391
18th ReforgedSylas (EUW) 428234
19th Zi93 (EUNE) 420113
20th Camille Midlane (NA) 417849
21st Sylas oynamak (TR) 409463
22nd GªlaxySlayer Zed (NA) 404548
23rd Dergerät992 (EUW) 403189
24th End Me IRL (EUNE) 398380
25th Zayco (BR) 388258