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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SyIas (EUW) 455813
2nd Inquisitor Dante (EUW) 405607
3rd Mr SteaIYoULT (NA) 341185
4th Smõkey (OCE) 340401
5th KingzzorAA (EUW) 304439
6th Backkomm (NA) 295771
7th Kandhor (NA) 279435
8th End Me IRL (EUNE) 277839
9th BladSnox (NA) 271648
10th Bucko89 (EUNE) 260077
11th ChëckMate (NA) 255988
12th Zi93 (EUNE) 251587
13th HardstuckXD (EUNE) 247173
14th I o b d a s (OCE) 233993
15th Tsm Zerts (NA) 221320
16th 420Gonja (NA) 221104
17th Sylakko (EUW) 213555
18th G0DofFLAME (EUW) 206416
19th GaliOWNYA (OCE) 205514
20th Karl Lin (NA) 205507
21st Carrionn (NA) 196789
22nd ArkEneru (NA) 195896
23rd ichigo mugetsu w (TR) 195468
24th Show Feet (NA) 195074
25th Your Ult Is Mine (NA) 191835