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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st SyIas (EUW) 630623
2nd Aldoerir (BR) 500147
3rd Smõkey (OCE) 498221
4th Inquisitor Dante (EUW) 494353
5th 슈퍼좟고수 (KR) 471069
6th Terra Ad Caelum (EUW) 453408
7th KingzzorAA (EUW) 446465
8th Zi93 (EUNE) 389923
9th redbboy (EUW) 389745
10th Skylandos (NA) 385896
11th End Me IRL (EUNE) 382683
12th noöbmaster69 (NA) 371057
13th SYLAS FERO (TR) 368441
14th Never Supp (EUNE) 361250
15th Zayco (BR) 359031
16th Dergerät992 (EUW) 344480
17th Sylas Rule 34 (NA) 343758
18th BladSnox (NA) 340952
19th l Gatti l (BR) 337990
20th Tsm Zerts (NA) 337548
21st GUARDIAN1K (EUNE) 328640
22nd Ruby Rose (EUW) 308766
23rd Ecompanyrus (NA) 306853
24th Backkomm (NA) 296883
25th WellOffMageLarry (NA) 289592