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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st QDaniel05 (NA) 289041
2nd AdmoreQ (EUNE) 271056
3rd IIıııIIıııIıI (TR) 267928
4th Noctum Aphelios (BR) 263608
5th Venompaw (NA) 207133
6th Who took my E (EUNE) 206990
7th Mondstein Alune (TR) 180806
8th リヴェラカミリア (JP) 162516
9th Figx (LAS) 160770
10th Aphelios 류 서운 (KR) 158241
11th apheli0s6 (TR) 154464
12th Fritzel (NA) 142437
13th VSeraph (NA) 135815
14th Aρhelios (EUW) 132842
15th The Drowned One (LAN) 131654
16th DOUGLASBUCH (BR) 131103
17th MakariaGaming (EUNE) 127678
18th Lodis (JP) 127071
19th l NightMaRe l (EUW) 125681
20th ΔρłłΣŁΙΦζ (EUW) 121113
21st TroubleMak3r17 (EUW) 117040
22nd Trebled (NA) 115511
23rd Mebz (OCE) 114101
24th Aphelios Norteño (LAN) 114042
25th VeloxusGaming (NA) 111481