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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st AdmoreQ (EUNE) 512108
2nd Kubool (EUNE) 428224
3rd TheþávÝón (TR) 407591
4th Jewciferr (NA) 399651
5th QDaniel05 (NA) 387236
6th Stop speaking (BR) 380888
7th Venompaw (NA) 341737
8th Serendipity on (KR) 341211
9th 서폿차이오지네 (KR) 321443
10th Owner of Death (BR) 310755
11th Sad Mοοn Boi (EUW) 310714
12th g1ann1sR (EUNE) 285015
13th NizoChanUwU (EUW) 278573
14th IIıııIIıııIıI (TR) 273503
15th l NightMaRe l (EUW) 269686
16th Rifraf999 (NA) 258507
17th Dorime (EUNE) 247941
18th ManCantBeMoved (NA) 246831
19th pudini26 (EUNE) 244775
20th rizzul (NA) 241614
21st ToxicMuteLunatic (OCE) 240880
22nd Kryptończyk (EUNE) 224375
23rd Royalsavages (NA) 223290
24th VSeraph (NA) 218563
25th Draggan (EUW) 215898