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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 요거트할짝할짝 (KR) 4398558
2nd BCBG (NA) 3492632
3rd MistressMalphite (NA) 3096682
4th CoolTrainerZach (NA) 2501959
5th UMakeMeRockSolid (NA) 2346880
6th No Name maybe (EUNE) 2304069
7th XDsEmpire (NA) 2263514
8th BlAzEn UNDeAd (EUNE) 2229958
9th o 아미타 말파 o (KR) 2228641
10th Gat Style (KR) 2180234
11th Poprostu Golem (EUNE) 2085579
12th sirandy (LAN) 1956552
13th Cavafaireboum (EUW) 1855494
14th blob37 (EUW) 1841284
15th Obstinatus (BR) 1787675
16th Rivdex (RU) 1760205
17th Alex Zen (RU) 1750069
18th Shandala (EUW) 1733811
19th ssukbat (OCE) 1721893
20th shandala (EUNE) 1706875
21st SergentSarriette (NA) 1705178
22nd 정복쌤 (KR) 1638348
23rd xShadowSword (NA) 1633695
24th MIvanoski (EUNE) 1628976
25th TheKrang (BR) 1624351