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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 요거트할짝할짝 (KR) 4836923
2nd BCBG (NA) 3652860
3rd MistressMalphite (NA) 3637440
4th CoolTrainerZach (NA) 2879716
5th BlAzEn UNDeAd (EUNE) 2879407
6th UMakeMeRockSolid (NA) 2632703
7th 빙파이트 (KR) 2583506
8th Poprostu Golem (EUNE) 2462735
9th o 아미타 말파 o (KR) 2395024
10th XDsEmpire (NA) 2357300
11th No Name maybe (EUNE) 2304069
12th Gat Style (KR) 2188603
13th sirandy (LAN) 2119053
14th 갱 좀 처와죠 (KR) 2034275
15th Rts (RU) 2005613
16th Cavafaireboum (EUW) 1963104
17th 신문을보지보지 (KR) 1922537
18th PhoeniX 02 (EUW) 1899340
19th blob37 (EUW) 1865931
20th Shadow2072 (NA) 1819411
21st Rivdex (RU) 1805203
22nd Obstinatus (BR) 1789176
23rd The Red Rose (NA) 1752110
24th ssukbat (OCE) 1736388
25th Shandala (EUW) 1733811