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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 이파리를물고 (KR) 4119235
2nd BCBG (NA) 2659425
3rd MistressMalphite (NA) 2403693
4th No Name maybe (EUNE) 2209233
5th Gat Style (KR) 2179244
6th CoolTrainerZach (NA) 2144573
7th XDsEmpire (NA) 1917353
8th sirandy (LAN) 1825009
9th BlAzEn UNDeAd (EUNE) 1824153
10th UMakeMeRockSolid (NA) 1789042
11th Obstinatus (BR) 1782944
12th blob37 (EUW) 1756727
13th Shandala (EUW) 1733811
14th Rivdex (RU) 1725858
15th shandala (EUNE) 1706875
16th SergentSarriette (NA) 1676223
17th Poprostu Golem (EUNE) 1634566
18th xShadowSword (NA) 1598753
19th LDizon (OCE) 1592683
20th ssukbat (OCE) 1583496
21st MIvanoski (EUNE) 1578367
22nd 정복쌤 (KR) 1562527
23rd Alех (RU) 1515024
24th ZazzorF (EUW) 1471894
25th топ чемпион (RU) 1470941