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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Wild Kat (LAS) 3118069
2nd MACIX katgod (EUW) 2914357
3rd InsaneDestiny (EUNE) 2718776
4th NightWingBoC (EUW) 2675967
5th o0 SnïpëRïnä 0o9 (EUW) 2660126
6th KatSalt (NA) 2541018
7th KalaxL (EUW) 2496396
8th OldKatlover (EUW) 2486649
9th Sınıster Blade (TR) 2430313
10th RussLoL (NA) 2418994
11th Mystic Cold (NA) 2349915
12th KAT4K1NG (RU) 2329520
13th R3ek (EUW) 2326185
14th KatariNama (JP) 2317526
15th A Katarina Gay (NA) 2306718
16th Phatbeatz (OCE) 2235028
17th Optr (NA) 2203393
18th Ductapenguin (NA) 2194358
19th havefaithinjesus (EUW) 2183606
20th Sensei Katarina (EUW) 2183025
21st Okapi Chan (NA) 2180844
22nd Mikume Boyfriend (EUW) 2129293
23rd Chloe Price (EUW) 2119509
24th 로즈반 (KR) 2111451
25th Katya Beyblade (BR) 2096646