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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Your Cut (NA) 542909
2nd Honpi (KR) 467058
3rd Twtv Hanjarolol (NA) 451506
4th Just Blank (EUNE) 431511
5th Xamyn (NA) 428572
6th Não me Pykere (BR) 409052
7th kevinexperto (LAN) 407138
8th Main Sup (NA) 398352
9th Shexxo (EUW) 393173
10th WiktoR134 (EUNE) 390218
11th coy27 (KR) 384270
12th EL3CTROCAT (NA) 373843
13th Aerodusk (NA) 365943
14th Chifuru (NA) 351490
15th Alxistis (TR) 346177
16th RazorBlade12193 (NA) 328658
17th NOneCuStome (EUNE) 327006
18th Duke Bruh (NA) 325429
19th Goooome (EUW) 320399
20th The Art Of Pyke (EUNE) 313118
21st Front me a Pound (NA) 296136
22nd On My Ping (NA) 293586
23rd Smorx (EUNE) 289634
24th kör kedi (TR) 287157
25th JhonyLyra (BR) 284265