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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Your Cut (NA) 750092
2nd Honpi (KR) 618354
3rd stay noided af (NA) 597163
4th Xamyn (NA) 589671
5th Twtv Hanjarolol (NA) 585873
6th WiktoR134 (EUNE) 565437
7th Iron IV Pyke (EUNE) 561496
8th Hollowzk (BR) 548122
9th Pyke1T (EUNE) 513887
10th TooSexyToBeReal (EUW) 513627
11th Sand Wraith Pyke (EUNE) 508076
12th Best Øf Pyké (TR) 494442
13th Jack Rackham (JP) 480242
14th UnPykely (NA) 479193
15th Não me Pykere (BR) 443613
16th kevinexperto (LAN) 442984
17th Main Sup (NA) 440913
18th xDizzel (EUNE) 431530
19th The Lyfe of Pyke (NA) 428803
20th Μποκολης (EUNE) 404069
21st Shexxo (EUW) 396026
22nd Summon La Muerte (NA) 395209
23rd coy27 (KR) 392945
24th Flaztar (NA) 383391
25th Smorx (EUNE) 376341