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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GOD OF PYKE (TR) 1659932
2nd Hollowzk (BR) 1472654
3rd Your Cut (NA) 1361665
4th Reformed Pyke (EUNE) 1316591
5th stay noided af (NA) 1291239
6th P Y Κ Σ (EUNE) 1289839
7th Bot Pyke (EUNE) 1243357
8th TheShy101 (EUW) 1164455
9th Honpi (KR) 1147364
10th Twtv Hanjarolol (NA) 1046166
11th HermitKOo (NA) 1015686
12th Main Sup (NA) 989738
13th Xamyn (NA) 980794
14th K0SMOS (NA) 954953
15th PYKOphile (EUW) 922030
16th Dark Lonely (EUW) 872527
17th Ρyke (EUNE) 863371
18th SP0OKY DA SCARY (EUW) 851994
19th Fartoven (EUW) 823252
20th Thé Pýké (EUNE) 814772
21st Chifuru (NA) 814635
22nd Ługia (EUW) 808642
23rd Sand Wraith Pyke (EUNE) 793534
24th Perses Pyke (TR) 778404
25th Failed Promises (NA) 770905