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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Pyke1T (EUNE) 416905
2nd kevinexperto (LAN) 342221
3rd Não me Pykere (BR) 340333
4th The Art Of Pyke (EUNE) 313118
5th EL3CTROCAT (NA) 295910
6th RazorBlade12193 (NA) 287607
7th On My Ping (NA) 281080
8th Duke Bruh (NA) 277511
9th Twtv Hanjarolol (NA) 273046
10th Goooome (EUW) 257726
11th NOneCuStome (EUNE) 252056
12th Pyke To Masters (NA) 251766
13th kör kedi (TR) 246878
14th Nutty McNutface (NA) 240848
15th BloodHarbor Pyke (TR) 239592
16th Pyke or Troll (NA) 231797
17th Aerodusk (NA) 230050
18th JhonyLyra (BR) 227132
19th Literally Sticks (NA) 223746
20th I Adore Her (EUNE) 213512
21st filff (NA) 199155
22nd HybridGanja (EUW) 196969
23rd Bonoobo Slayer (EUW) 194844
24th PykeCatchU (EUNE) 194164
25th Saltsea (EUW) 187200