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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GOD OF PYKE (TR) 1692059
2nd Your Cut (NA) 1589005
3rd Hollowzk (BR) 1553507
4th lmao pyke (EUNE) 1468552
5th stay noided af (NA) 1468159
6th Bot Pyke (EUNE) 1346927
7th P Y Κ Σ (EUNE) 1313322
8th TheShy101 (EUW) 1301887
9th Honpi (KR) 1230711
10th Twtv Hanjarolol (NA) 1171533
11th Xamyn (NA) 1104975
12th Main Sup (NA) 1091776
13th Speel hill (BR) 1079835
14th EgirlsShouldDie (EUNE) 1063504
15th K0SMOS (NA) 1031849
16th SP0OKY DA SCARY (EUW) 1019149
17th HermitKOo (NA) 1015686
18th Dark Lonely (EUW) 984450
19th PYKOphile (EUW) 978300
20th Ługia (EUW) 939724
21st Pyke goes Top (NA) 931377
22nd s10 chall (EUNE) 928574
23rd Failed Promises (NA) 876945
24th SikeItsPyke (NA) 875451
25th Fartoven (EUW) 874001