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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st GOD OF PYKE (TR) 1129545
2nd Your Cut (NA) 930407
3rd stay noided af (NA) 864918
4th Honpi (KR) 830789
5th Hollowzk (BR) 786811
6th Xamyn (NA) 784798
7th Bot Pyke (EUNE) 780157
8th Best Pyke EUNE (EUNE) 767389
9th P Y Κ Σ (EUNE) 760759
10th Twtv Hanjarolol (NA) 645958
11th God Tier Pyké (TR) 630252
12th Syachy (EUNE) 606034
13th Sand Wraith Pyke (EUNE) 586946
14th UnPykely (NA) 584836
15th Daddy Pyke (NA) 535871
16th Main Sup (NA) 525481
17th MOBA Smoecool (EUW) 519346
18th StaticMage (NA) 508738
19th Sauçie (NA) 503475
20th K0SMOS (NA) 502921
21st kevinexperto (LAN) 502561
22nd Flaztar (NA) 492295
23rd xDizzel (EUNE) 489689
24th 엔파이크 (KR) 482324
25th Jack Rackham (JP) 480242