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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Nemesis Pyke (TR) 2732262
2nd Your Cut (NA) 2389243
3rd Ich Bin PYKE (TR) 2371974
4th Palek (EUW) 1899028
5th Rookie Pyke (TR) 1827796
6th GOD OF PYKE (TR) 1823529
7th Pykêe (BR) 1764367
8th cox Pyke (EUNE) 1696476
9th 서폿빼면브론즈 (KR) 1592658
10th Bot Pyke (EUNE) 1584008
11th stay noided af (NA) 1566174
12th speel hill (BR) 1565480
13th Honpi (KR) 1520888
14th P Y Κ Σ (EUNE) 1474259
15th Main Sup (NA) 1465850
16th Pyro Uzume (LAN) 1465011
17th Fbgg Hanjaro (NA) 1407234
18th Mechanic Defying (NA) 1363453
19th Xamyn (NA) 1360466
20th SP0OKY DA SCARY (EUW) 1341384
21st PYKOphile (EUW) 1328445
22nd ΜàdŁïƒë (EUW) 1303818
23rd TheShy101 (EUW) 1303638
24th Ψαράς (EUNE) 1194972
25th NE VAR NE YOK (TR) 1182992