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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sauromat (EUW) 3881540
2nd I 6 (KR) 3714572
3rd AOFalcao (BR) 3033083
4th Kaotic NocturneΩ (EUW) 3007369
5th SiegSieg1 (NA) 2959635
6th THE NOCTURNE (EUW) 2817549
7th New Mestre Kim (BR) 2667381
8th Dreeg (NA) 2581059
9th Bear2Beer (EUW) 2526819
10th 낮져밤패죽임 (KR) 2344082
11th N O c T U R N E1 (EUNE) 2334346
12th DiavoIo (LAN) 2327398
13th 69DESTRUCTOR69 (EUW) 2273864
14th Tommahawk1 (EUW) 2209445
15th Ziki Zikou (EUW) 2177983
16th Benderprog (EUW) 2160918
17th NoCounter (LAN) 2143897
18th 불을끄는남자 (KR) 2120582
19th TheEvilNocturne (EUW) 2040620
20th Troublkk (EUNE) 2033479
21st JRion500 (NA) 2002878
22nd Grapha Servant (EUNE) 1993510
23rd Smilekeeper (EUW) 1976671
24th kNOCk ur TURNE (NA) 1909844
25th RafalP1 (EUNE) 1875559