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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sauromat (EUW) 3999796
2nd I 6 (KR) 3914461
3rd SiegSieg1 (NA) 3187384
4th AOFalcao (BR) 3083166
5th Kaotic NocturneΩ (EUW) 3007518
6th THE NOCTURNE (EUW) 2817549
7th Mestre Nocturne (BR) 2777151
8th Tommahawk1 (EUW) 2722973
9th Dreeg (NA) 2619923
10th Bear2Beer (EUW) 2564621
11th 69DESTRUCTOR69 (EUW) 2495176
12th DiavoIo (LAN) 2439487
13th Mad Batman (EUW) 2392998
14th 낮져밤패죽임 (KR) 2363356
15th N O c T U R N E1 (EUNE) 2345195
16th Benderprog (EUW) 2187311
17th Troublkk (EUNE) 2161784
18th NoCounter (LAN) 2143897
19th 불을끄는남자 (KR) 2121964
20th SpeedoSoundSonic (EUW) 2078250
21st Grapha Servant (EUNE) 2057735
22nd Smilekeeper (EUW) 2051381
23rd ToxicWalnut (NA) 2005674
24th JRion500 (NA) 2002878
25th Aominez3 (BR) 1977329