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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Sauromat (EUW) 3317353
2nd I 6 (KR) 3197684
3rd AOFalcao (BR) 2745699
4th SiegSieg1 (NA) 2653706
5th Kaotic NocturneΩ (EUW) 2469247
6th THE NOCTURNE (EUW) 2433975
7th New Mestre Kim (BR) 2429076
8th Dreeg (NA) 2355453
9th Bear2Beer (EUW) 2346079
10th NoCounter (LAN) 2143897
11th DiavoIo (LAN) 2047308
12th 69DESTRUCTOR69 (EUW) 2047272
13th Benderprog (EUW) 2035274
14th JRion500 (NA) 2002878
15th N O c T U R N E1 (EUNE) 1921549
16th 내 린 비 (KR) 1887461
17th I just wanna win (EUW) 1805785
18th Troublkk (EUNE) 1774833
19th kNOCk ur TURNE (NA) 1755959
20th raxan21 (EUNE) 1729698
21st MajorCHIEf (EUW) 1725569
22nd kill chinese (KR) 1723812
23rd Eklîpse (NA) 1654318
24th Vrai Comté goûtu (EUW) 1649152
25th JOE W3 (EUW) 1603441