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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Fütak (EUW) 2918085
2nd Squiggal (NA) 2547656
3rd Pukã (LAN) 2255490
4th 둠 심 (KR) 1735962
5th TreeWeed (EUW) 1371020
6th Shakazuulu (NA) 989302
7th 1499834del (KR) 942207
8th Krelon (EUNE) 890311
9th HugeTrousers (NA) 884908
10th TREEinJUNGLE (NA) 855060
11th A Good Treetment (EUW) 843488
12th Mr TreeHard (EUNE) 839013
13th Ara Va de Bo (EUW) 833233
14th Fr1tz0 (EUW) 792063
15th Refran111 (EUW) 789469
16th halladin (EUW) 757238
17th Zegaung (NA) 747650
18th MARKOULIS006 (EUNE) 703550
19th Bobovich (EUW) 692693
20th Mr Maokai (EUW) 685839
21st Nocure (EUW) 677382
22nd Bufalo (LAN) 665756
23rd Yoruichi82 (NA) 633510
24th SSW Mata (BR) 630156
25th sicodanred (EUW) 580511