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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Squiggal (NA) 3627696
2nd Fütak (EUW) 3603891
3rd Späwn (LAN) 3005275
4th TreeWeed (EUW) 1776733
5th 둠 심 (KR) 1744384
6th Maokai AirLanes (EUNE) 1490836
7th Trackball midmao (JP) 1462752
8th Ludobor (EUNE) 1416271
9th Mr TreeHard (EUNE) 1220858
10th Treeantokai (RU) 1190840
11th DFM1 (LAS) 1102395
12th FOXYCAT (EUW) 1099692
13th devinjacobson (NA) 1088155
14th Spazzix (NA) 1078896
15th Fr1tz0 (EUW) 1078173
16th SODAMA BBeginerr (EUW) 1041548
17th Chakathulhu (NA) 1026164
18th TREEinJUNGLE (NA) 1024136
19th Bulpie (EUW) 996518
20th Bufalo (LAN) 957268
21st 1499834del (KR) 942207
22nd HugeTrousers (NA) 938408
23rd Basilisco Asudem (LAN) 924941
24th Ara Va de Bo (EUW) 908202
25th Chalicè (NA) 902948