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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Fütak (EUW) 3112991
2nd Squiggal (NA) 3047943
3rd ImI Spawn ImI (LAN) 2447110
4th 둠 심 (KR) 1739655
5th TreeWeed (EUW) 1629697
6th Ludobor (EUNE) 1151992
7th Krelon (EUNE) 1076615
8th Mr TreeHard (EUNE) 1065569
9th Chakathulhu (NA) 1005113
10th TREEinJUNGLE (NA) 947854
11th 1499834del (KR) 942207
12th Fr1tz0 (EUW) 910957
13th HugeTrousers (NA) 901736
14th Ara Va de Bo (EUW) 879622
15th Yoruichi82 (NA) 848108
16th A Good Treetment (EUW) 844782
17th Chalicè (NA) 841156
18th Refran111 (EUW) 822996
19th Spazzix (NA) 804874
20th halladin (EUW) 790771
21st Bufalo (LAN) 775890
22nd MARKOULIS006 (EUNE) 738632
23rd Bobovich (EUW) 719988
24th Nocure (EUW) 711716
25th Mr Maokai (EUW) 685839