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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 믄똥왁왁 (KR) 4866679
2nd Flex Walter 1 (EUW) 4553454
3rd enddmsehf (KR) 4082954
4th 레넥톤핑크 (KR) 3943163
5th Crocontålinio (EUNE) 3414454
6th RenektonTopOnly (NA) 3274601
7th MATADOR DE RIVEN (BR) 3219568
8th RENEKKING (KR) 3219059
9th T1 Fream (KR) 3205049
10th TYRISSFANBOY (BR) 3178490
11th Nova Latress (EUW) 3016391
12th zigzauer (EUNE) 2986347
13th ExAdverso (BR) 2958926
14th DarkSinner (EUW) 2827648
15th IIIBestIII (RU) 2826508
16th Coolyouknow (NA) 2819696
17th Commander Lorina (NA) 2765600
18th RenekTroll (EUW) 2691737
19th Emperor Katana (NA) 2689556
20th Neos 1vs9 (EUW) 2652644
21st Ey ey ey maeel (BR) 2618291
22nd JacaréAposentado (BR) 2615438
23rd Kizox (EUNE) 2597820
24th Shiyuu (EUW) 2561428
25th 이레넥 (KR) 2492337