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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Flex Walter (EUW) 3002057
2nd 금똥왁왁 (KR) 2863528
3rd Coolyouknow (NA) 2502260
4th RenektonTopOnly (NA) 2435008
5th VR Taekwon (BR) 2381803
6th Brazzers sz (BR) 2169178
7th 다앤피 (KR) 2049209
8th DarkSinner (EUW) 1982774
9th 이레넥 (KR) 1956501
10th BroNekton (NA) 1919116
11th Mario Mazzanti (TR) 1888935
12th UmJacarésemBorda (BR) 1843406
13th Romanium (NA) 1741355
14th The Red Snow (EUW) 1736112
15th YoungWolff (NA) 1721419
16th IIIBestIII (RU) 1703025
17th RenekTroll (EUW) 1703014
18th FuriousAlligator (LAS) 1669835
19th Bobovich (EUW) 1651854
20th Godrekton (EUW) 1630403
21st zigzauer (EUNE) 1630050
22nd Scarh (BR) 1626944
23rd Neos 1vs9 (EUW) 1619906
24th VickEmy (LAN) 1615368
25th Shiyuu (EUW) 1611565