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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Flex Walter (EUW) 2719238
2nd 금똥왁왁 (KR) 2583598
3rd Teakwon (BR) 2281444
4th RenektonTopOnly (NA) 2186109
5th 다앤피 (KR) 2049030
6th Brazzers sz (BR) 2034024
7th 이레넥 (KR) 1956501
8th BroNekton (NA) 1835367
9th DarkSinner (EUW) 1795604
10th Bobovich (EUW) 1651854
11th YoungWolff (NA) 1631564
12th zigzauer (EUNE) 1617729
13th Romanium (NA) 1614074
14th SA panther41 (NA) 1600318
15th Nova Latress (EUW) 1598538
16th Godrekton (EUW) 1563516
17th IIIBestIII (RU) 1517060
18th Shiyuu (EUW) 1508458
19th Kizo Pwnz (EUNE) 1494116
20th RenekTroll (EUW) 1477408
21st cronicon1 (NA) 1464905
22nd H3RO I N30S (EUW) 1462588
23rd ZengaJah (BR) 1459690
24th Worst Gator EUW (EUW) 1426041
25th Riven Main 69 (EUW) 1418751