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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 금똥왁왁 (KR) 4662434
2nd Flex Walter 1 (EUW) 4277205
3rd 이번시즌마스터다 (KR) 3734695
4th RenektonTopOnly (NA) 3274474
5th RENEKKING (KR) 3142790
6th MATADOR DE RIVEN (BR) 3070853
7th CUL (BR) 3041063
8th 프림e (KR) 3028247
9th Crocontålinio (EUNE) 2968114
10th zigzauer (EUNE) 2964745
11th Nova Latress (EUW) 2946104
12th DarkSinner (EUW) 2805286
13th ExAdverso (BR) 2789414
14th Coolyouknow (NA) 2754979
15th IIIBestIII (RU) 2651531
16th Kizox (EUNE) 2579162
17th RenekTroll (EUW) 2562708
18th JacaréAposentado (BR) 2555579
19th Commander Lorina (NA) 2525739
20th Ey ey ey maeel (BR) 2513896
21st Neos 1vs9 (EUW) 2444169
22nd Nø Game Nø Life (EUW) 2414415
23rd Brazzers sz (BR) 2380234
24th 이레넥 (KR) 2374307
25th Emperor Katana (NA) 2339583