Jarvan IV

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 정의사도 (KR) 5945923
2nd FireMan1only (EUNE) 4307127
3rd HAKAZE0157 (NA) 3919189
4th Masters Jarvan (NA) 3828777
5th ThunderlordSaga7 (BR) 3080864
6th sudán (LAN) 2620398
7th Jarvan 1V (BR) 2301267
8th GALACTIC JARVAN (NA) 2298858
9th Jarvan lV (NA) 2274871
10th AplusGameTo (NA) 2251775
11th 깃창을 그녀에게 (KR) 2198772
12th Jay Crim (EUNE) 2120165
13th Gold Grenade (NA) 2070593
14th Fuego Sagrado (NA) 1960018
15th I Pay It Gladly (EUW) 1928957
16th Jesus Roque (LAN) 1899229
17th Baxecay (OCE) 1889742
18th cishengbuhuan (OCE) 1856945
19th JianKing (LAS) 1849569
20th pigdrinker (NA) 1772515
21st Shiro Complex (EUNE) 1725502
22nd xxBreakNowxx (OCE) 1720045
23rd fefeld (EUW) 1692065
24th King Jarvan 4 (NA) 1687829
25th E Q Jarvan IV (TR) 1678137