Jarvan IV

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st HAKAZE0157 (NA) 3426108
2nd FireMan1only (EUNE) 2872577
3rd thunderlord777 (BR) 2361702
4th Siratal Mustaqim (NA) 2350651
5th AplusGameTo (NA) 2019900
6th GALACTIC JARVAN (NA) 1735060
7th Jarvan 1V (BR) 1664207
8th Sudán (LAN) 1593733
9th Jarvan lV (NA) 1587750
10th Y Sh M A H A L (EUW) 1562432
11th JianKing (LAS) 1548366
12th Unward49 (NA) 1538448
13th XîaoMing (EUW) 1510595
14th pigdrinker (NA) 1416380
15th Volandar (NA) 1405655
16th bigeban (NA) 1395657
17th KiNG Nidhogg (NA) 1384197
18th Jesus Roque (LAN) 1360835
19th Fuego Sagrado (NA) 1360513
20th Shiro Complex (EUNE) 1359398
21st JarvanTheJew (EUNE) 1343604
22nd Nurse Diesel (EUW) 1308952
23rd Demonkew (OCE) 1301141
24th Baxecay (OCE) 1229387
25th DemaciaExemplar (NA) 1218252