Jarvan IV

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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st HAKAZE0157 (NA) 3767122
2nd FireMan1only (EUNE) 3687627
3rd Jarwin (NA) 3064811
4th thunderlord777 (BR) 2665383
5th sudán (LAN) 2443313
6th AplusGameTo (NA) 2251775
7th GALACTIC JARVAN (NA) 2082274
8th Jarvan 1V (BR) 2081508
9th Jarvan lV (NA) 1876528
10th JianKing (LAS) 1849569
11th I Pay It Gladly (EUW) 1822168
12th pigdrinker (NA) 1696827
13th Fuego Sagrado (NA) 1690063
14th Gold Grenade (NA) 1676355
15th Jårvån IV (EUNE) 1658836
16th Baxecay (OCE) 1648137
17th 라오피 (KR) 1622176
18th Shiro Complex (EUNE) 1612328
19th KiNG Nidhogg (NA) 1556624
20th Unward49 (NA) 1538448
21st Jesus Roque (LAN) 1536562
22nd Demonkew (OCE) 1528845
23rd XîaoMing (EUW) 1510595
24th cacman (NA) 1500977
25th Volandar (NA) 1499877