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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st hrd (BR) 4095216
2nd Gazekiel (NA) 3754631
3rd 숨겨진비밀 (KR) 3678570
4th samyliberman (NA) 2941864
5th El Neo Pistea (LAS) 2700824
6th 정르곳 (KR) 2639972
7th 차단은 노닷지 (KR) 2511925
8th Don Viko (LAN) 2240133
9th Emperor Imperial (NA) 2158523
10th Urgotten (NA) 2155634
11th Drasth (BR) 2108362
12th Matsunaga (EUW) 1939679
13th Mister Stefanos (EUNE) 1870702
14th URGQT (KR) 1863771
15th Nine Inches Deep (NA) 1806364
16th Hoo Exact Lee (EUW) 1699203
17th Роуэн (RU) 1670411
18th MikeJ122O (NA) 1578394
19th Mouse Saotome (LAN) 1566035
20th CubemasterXD (EUW) 1555020
21st Drahenfellow (EUNE) 1521541
22nd tHighness Qiyana (LAN) 1477934
23rd Nicram (EUNE) 1467027
24th Crab Meat (OCE) 1451776
25th kyoko (JP) 1410136