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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st hrd (BR) 3405203
2nd Gazekiel (NA) 2682504
3rd 정르곳 (KR) 2639972
4th samyliberman (NA) 2484666
5th Emperor Imperial (NA) 2158523
6th 페스크 (KR) 2020074
7th El Neo Pistea (LAS) 1905754
8th Matsunaga (EUW) 1771292
9th Роуэн (RU) 1670411
10th Urgotten (NA) 1650780
11th Nine Inches Deep (NA) 1505176
12th Drahenfellow (EUNE) 1467831
13th kyoko (JP) 1408691
14th Mouse Saotome (LAN) 1389514
15th Mister Stefanos (EUNE) 1367618
16th Hoo Exact Lee (EUW) 1355913
17th theokritos (EUNE) 1343134
18th Blessbab (BR) 1323362
19th Baron Vön Urgöt (NA) 1313117
20th soft shell Crab (OCE) 1305975
21st Nicram (EUNE) 1300920
22nd Hit Pack (BR) 1269928
23rd 자나깨나탑걱정 (KR) 1248913
24th Its urGOD to you (EUNE) 1238402
25th Zhivago 1 (LAN) 1222555