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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st hrd (BR) 4411321
2nd Gazekiel (NA) 3956714
3rd 숨겨진비밀 (KR) 3814596
4th samyliberman (NA) 3021134
5th El Neo Pistea (LAS) 2840521
6th 정르곳 (KR) 2639972
7th PESK (KR) 2616132
8th Don VÏko (LAN) 2336752
9th Urgotten (NA) 2200035
10th Emperor Imperial (NA) 2158523
11th URGQT (KR) 2153452
12th Drasth (BR) 2123684
13th Mister Stefanos (EUNE) 2010597
14th Matsunaga (EUW) 1988154
15th Nine Inches Deep (NA) 1888312
16th Dr Toxical (EUW) 1730192
17th Hoo Exact Lee (EUW) 1722424
18th MikeJ122O (NA) 1690051
19th Роуэн (RU) 1670411
20th BobVila06 (NA) 1659305
21st CubemasterXD (EUW) 1647517
22nd Mouse Saotome (LAN) 1606275
23rd tHighness Qiyana (LAN) 1574633
24th Drahenfellow (EUNE) 1545617
25th Nicram (EUNE) 1497955