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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st 정르곳 (KR) 2639972
2nd Emperor Imperial (NA) 2158523
3rd hrd (BR) 2119955
4th Gazekiel (NA) 1826545
5th Роуэн (RU) 1670274
6th Urgotten (NA) 1406363
7th Baron Vön Urgöt (NA) 1313117
8th blessbab (BR) 1201033
9th Hit Pack (BR) 1176136
10th Mister Stefanos (EUNE) 1137759
11th Drahenfellow (EUNE) 1114060
12th lerd (NA) 1110075
13th Matsunaga (EUW) 1102758
14th MentorDBarbakahn (LAS) 1084583
15th ileadufollow (NA) 1057820
16th LionMoons (NA) 1029192
17th kyoko (JP) 1026135
18th Papa Hìtler (NA) 1013055
19th soft shell Crab (OCE) 985873
20th Ferrari GT (KR) 948107
21st Mouse Saotome (LAN) 931668
22nd FearBeyondDeath (NA) 928797
23rd OTP UrGOD (EUW) 882589
24th Urgod (BR) 880959
25th Dr S Facilier (EUW) 861266