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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st E1ise (NA) 3318763
2nd Tormentula (NA) 3079401
3rd 39050997del (KR) 2965656
4th E1ise (EUNE) 2920880
5th Kali Linux (LAN) 2573345
6th Pitty (BR) 2429412
7th Elize (TR) 2377399
8th Ten chińczyk (EUNE) 2221398
9th Supertinki (EUW) 2200718
10th junglekorea (KR) 2114149
11th Rogue Process (NA) 2094131
12th Papeanut (LAS) 2087571
13th Amentague10g (EUW) 2033568
14th Nadestin (EUW) 2016374
15th Serènìty (NA) 1993661
16th 없었다 (KR) 1978885
17th 66TaNaToS66 (NA) 1922309
18th Zombra Zhydark (LAS) 1921341
19th CozaRAZIEL (OCE) 1881806
20th NetMont (EUNE) 1879205
21st Jentilmen Dayi (TR) 1866630
22nd Bezza (BR) 1832798
23rd DrKsTa (OCE) 1814351
24th KT Zikacu (TR) 1804906
25th EliseTopOnly (NA) 1786776