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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st JongHak2 (KR) 2965656
2nd E1ise (NA) 2513539
3rd Ahatzin (LAN) 1914648
4th Tormentula (NA) 1870698
5th junglekorea (KR) 1797578
6th Labryaden (NA) 1733213
7th BLûe or BLâck (EUW) 1666784
8th Pitty (BR) 1554330
9th Supertinki (EUW) 1546543
10th BestEliseNA420 (NA) 1514852
11th Papeanut (LAS) 1496057
12th Spléndid (TR) 1468626
13th Laughs In Spider (NA) 1468222
14th Zombra Zhydark (LAS) 1413286
15th Nadestin (EUW) 1393878
16th NetMont (EUNE) 1375374
17th boceli (LAN) 1367083
18th elize (TR) 1347154
19th Taicom (BR) 1321984
20th debielletje (EUW) 1305820
21st Lk Tampa (BR) 1267977
22nd Kalbinar (TR) 1266490
23rd Black Trip (BR) 1265304
24th DrKsTa (OCE) 1244437
25th RUDE BWOY (BR) 1237739