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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st E1ise (NA) 3318763
2nd 39050997del (KR) 2965656
3rd Tormentula (NA) 2595048
4th Kali Linux (LAN) 2426245
5th Pitty (BR) 2168365
6th Elize (TR) 2101523
7th Amentague10g (EUW) 2033568
8th Nadestin (EUW) 1936834
9th junglekorea (KR) 1891606
10th Supertinki (EUW) 1882288
11th Rogue Process (NA) 1873467
12th NetMont (EUNE) 1852282
13th Ten chińczyk (EUNE) 1845655
14th Papeanut (LAS) 1789910
15th EliseTopOnly (NA) 1786612
16th 없었다 (KR) 1746799
17th Labryaden (NA) 1733213
18th Zombra Zhydark (LAS) 1718664
19th Bezza (BR) 1708459
20th boceli (LAN) 1635546
21st Jentilmen Dayi (TR) 1629521
22nd KT Zikacu (TR) 1627775
23rd CozaRAZIEL (OCE) 1613015
24th 66TaNaToS66 (NA) 1606382
25th DrKsTa (OCE) 1582747