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Place Name (Region) Mastery Points
1st Tormentula (NA) 3391363
2nd E1ise (NA) 3318763
3rd E1ise (EUNE) 3013355
4th 39050997del (KR) 2965656
5th Kali Linux (LAN) 2603931
6th Pitty (BR) 2486053
7th ROTANA (TR) 2457134
8th Ten chińczyk (EUNE) 2371109
9th Supertinki (EUW) 2314696
10th Rogue Process (NA) 2178444
11th junglekorea (KR) 2160429
12th Papeanut (LAS) 2145803
13th 66TaNaToS66 (NA) 2136390
14th Simone Gluffrida (EUW) 2094800
15th DrKsTa (OCE) 2068193
16th Zombra Zhydark (LAS) 2048943
17th 없었다 (KR) 2034968
18th Amentague10g (EUW) 2033568
19th Serènìty (NA) 1998856
20th CozaRAZIEL (OCE) 1932797
21st Bezza (BR) 1920366
22nd NetMont (EUNE) 1893989
23rd Attchum (EUW) 1890247
24th Jentilmen Dayi (TR) 1884396
25th KT Zikacu (TR) 1855687